Climatology/Math Equation question (stefan boltzmann law)

so, i have an equation that needs answering.

S=incoming solar radiation @ top of atmosphere (solar constant / 4 in units of W/m^2)

A=total albedo of earth atmosphere system

T=temp of earths surface (Kelvin)

so my energy balance model reads:

S(1-A) = 5.67x10^-8Wm^-2K^-4)T^4

now the question:

if snow and ice on earth decreases, resulting in albedo of .24, what is the temp of earth (T)?

im pretty stumped.


First of all, rewrite the equation so that the number of left and right parentheses balance. Right now, the equation is ambiguous as written. What exactly is being raised to the 4th power? Consider using the vB code for superscript. Also, are you saying you know all quantities in the equation except for T?

This looks an awful lot like a homework problem to me… Just fyi since you’re new here, submitting homework problems to this mb is frowned upon.