Clint Eastwood and 'Million Dollar Baby' (no spoilers yet)

I just watched it tonight and I’d heard rave reviews. I try to stay away from reviews, academy awards and the general ‘hoopla’ that surrounds film.
I’m just going to throw my ‘two cents in’ and nominate it for one of the best films I’ve ever seen! (Notice, I didn’t include it on a list people could actually debate :wink: )

Damn! Clint is a wicked director, wicked actor, incredible composer and a hell of a producer.

It’s definately in my top 5.
Is there anyone else who’s watched it and doesn’t agree? I’d love to discuss it!
Anyways, I’ve been a Clint Eastwood fan since I’d seen his first spaghetti western, I’m incredibly impressed on how he’s turned towards directing and acting. Composing?..I had no idea!
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I saw it on an airplane, of all places, and I knew the twist beforehand.

Still, it was a hell of a movie.

What blew me away, actually, was Eastwood’s performance as an actor. Hilary Swank was excellent, but I thought Eastwood carried the film; he demonstrated a level of acting I really didn’t think he had in him. He was awesome in many other movies, like “Unforgiven” and “In The Line of Fire” and “Pale Rider” and all his westerns, but he elevated his game for “Million Dollar Baby.”

I’ll have to totally agree with that RickJay. It’s like he’s melded all of his movies into one, I really don’t know what he can do to top this. He was/is the star of this… I felt his pain throughout the movie.

Very powerful film, I agree. It was hard to watch the last half hour, but I’m glad I saw it through to the end.