Clinton and Bush go on a playdate

Everybody say “Awwwwwww.”.

I recall something about politics and strange bed fellows.

Actually, I’m rather happy about this. If two political rivals can throw off the party B.S. because they’d like to go do something together, I say more power to 'em.

Maybe, just like James Garner and Jack Lemmon in “My Fellow Americans”, they have

I’m not gonna say “awww”, since this is old news.

Does the OP have any particular opinion on this? I mean, are we supposed to cheer, jeer or what?

Me, I’m happy that Bill and George have each found someone they can pal around with, but I don’t suppose I care much to be reminded what what an oligarchy our government seems to be turning into. Bit depressing, you see.

Didn’t they partner together to get relief for the victims of that huge tsunami a few months ago?

Yeah, they’ve been buddies for some time now. Clinton recently said of Barbara Bush, “And she said she has started to call me son. I told the Republicans there, I said don’t worry, every family has one, you know, the black sheep. I told them, this just shows you the lengths the Bushes would go to get another president in the family.”

I guess they don’t hold out much hope for Jeb.