Clinton and China

What’s the deal with the Clinton Administration and the Chinese? I have a hard time believing that either of the major parties in American politics would actually trade critical state secrets for campaign contributions. Bubba likes to bang dumb women? I’ll buy that. A Sothern governor involved in a shady real-estate deal? Yeah, I can see that too. But treason? Granted, this dude is clearly no angel, but there seems to be a hard-core group of Clinton haters that is willing to believe any sort of scandal about the guy, no matter how fantastic.

So - what evidence is there that the Clinton Administration sold or made available state secrets, and how come more isn’t being done about it if it’s true?

(P.S. - I put this in Great Debates because I’m afraid that this will degenerate into a “pot-smoking-draft-dodging” mudfight, but I’d really like to hear some good information specifically about this issue0

Fact: The Clinton administration knew about the Chinese espionage in Los Alamos in 1996. The Dept. of Energy released a report, which was read by ALL top level officials, stating that the security level in the labs was too low and that the feds should look into some signs of espionage. Clinton told them not to do anything, and then claimed he never heard about it until February of 1999.
Fact: In the past 4 years (I can’t remember the year), the State Department sold crucial missile technology to the Chinese government. A few months after the sale, they launched their first test ICBM. Although it failed, the State Dept. gave them more technology, while keeping Congress and the American people from knowing what exactly they sold. I’m not even going to start on the campaign contributions from the Chinese. As for my source, I got the information here from a special that Fox News ran about 2 months ago.

I don’t think anyone’s alleging intentional treason. What they’re talking about is carelessness, lack of vigilence, bending rules, and Whoops! Some state secrets leaked out!

I wouldn’t put it past a few people ::cough cough:: Jesse Helms ::cough cough:: Bob Barr ::cough cough:: Henry Hyde ::cough:: to try to make a case of treason out of it though. I think it just proves even more how corrupt our government as a whole is, and more specifically how much of an moron our current Chief is.

“There are many sweeping generalizations that are always true” -Space Ghost

In fairness, it’s not as if the CHinese only started spying on the USA on Jan. 20, 1993. And it’s not as if previous Presidents (especially Bush) hadn’t done some major kowtowing to the Communist brass in Beijing. And it’s not as if the Chinese Communist Party gave massive sums of money to Bill Clinton because they recognized an ideological soulmate- rather, like most big businesses, the CCP gave large amounts of money to both major parties, because they have a huge interest in keeping trade going between the USA and China.

That said, Bill Clinton is a man with no principles (unless you consider “Bill Clinton should be President” a principle), and was so desperate for money, he was willing to overlook virtually anything the Chinese did, so long as they kept funding his campaign.

Clinton is not unique in that regard. It’s an article of faith in many circles (especially American business circles) that China is the future, that EVENTUALLY trade with China will pay enormous dividends, and EVENTUALLY CHina is bound to adopt democratic reforms, and EVENTUALLY China will cease its military sabre-rattling, so we should overlook every crime they commit. Problem is, “eventually” never seems to come.