Clinton plays Santa Claus--Again!

From Yahoo News:

I don’t get this. Let’s see, it’s February, and it’s cold, in MAINE! Ohhh boy, call out the Feds, and let’s give away a bunch-o-money while we’re at it!

Um, I don’t know if you have been following crude oil prices, but they are at a 25 year high. So people that budgeted for heating oil based on last years cost are up a creek this year. I do suppose you have noticed that gasoline prices are higher this year?

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Um, I have noticed that gas prices are way up this year. But I don’t see the President or Congress clamoring to give me money for it.

In some areas fuel oil prices are double what they were last year. Gasoline prices in most areas are up about 30%. However, if you can’t afford as much gasoline there are many ways to conserve. You can save trips up and do them all at once, you can take mass transportation, you can trade the SUV in for a Neon. There are not as many options to conserve on heating oil. You could re-insulate the house and put in triple glazed windows, but that is very expensive. You can set your thermostat lower, but there is a level you cannot go below and remain healthy, especially for the elderly and very young.
BTW Clinton is considering releasing some of the Strategic Stockpile of gasoline in hopes that will lower gasoline prices.

Millroyj, Have a fucking heart!

What do you suppose dairy farmers in the north do when their cattle start to die, for example? And what do you suppose would happen to the price of milk? When it affects you, you’ll stop bitching, right?

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There is a reason we have Strategic Oil Reserves, and it is not to keep oil prices low. It is this kind of “give it away” mentality that is leading us further away from a free society and towards a parental government that will take care of us from the cradle to the grave.

Schools to work
Universal health care
gaurunteed income
welfare for the unemployed

Oh yeah, just to keep this out of the GD,

Fuck Clinton.

And his hairy wife too.

The current funding is from the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, a program separate and apart from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, none of which Clinton has (yet) allowed to be released.

This General Questions moment has been brought to you by the Natural Gas Merchants of America. Oil Heat’s a dinosaur.

Livin’ on Tums, vitamin E and Rogaine

Oil prices are nowhere near a 25 year high. NYMEX light sweet (the benchmark you most commonly hear on the news because it’s usually the highest) closed at $30.05 yesterday. It’s been a few cents higher in the last week, but it’s as high this week as it has been all year. An average 1980 price of $23/bbl is $51.22 in 1999 dollars. That was not a spike year, either. The 1981 average of $32/bbl is approximately $60 in 1999 dollars ($62.78 from the inflation calculator, and $58.65 from NASA’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) Inflation Calculator). We hit $40 during the Gulf War. We did see a 64 year low 14 months ago.

I’m with manhattan on this one:

Oil heat is not a great idea. The tanks eventually leak, and environmental regulations keep getting tightened, making it harder to sell a house that’s ever had an oil tank in the yard.

When oil’s cheaper than natural gas, it’s only a little lower, but when it’s more expensive – watch out! (Natural gas prices don’t fluctuate much at all; it’s a large resource that’s tapped entirely locally .)

Of course, as was pointed out on an oil thread in GQ, many benighted souls don’t have the option of natural gas because they live in the boonies. Sorry, kids – bet you can’t get cable TV, either. Better move to a real town.

Oh, and for all those people who need federal $$ to pay for their skyrocketing heating bills, I’ve got two wonderful inventions for you:
the thermostat and the sweater.

Use 'em.

…but when you get blue, and you’ve lost all your dreams, there’s nothing like a campfire and a can of beans!

NYMEX heating oil dropped ~20¢/gal over two weeks ago (from ~95¢ to ~75¢/gal). The fed action is not easily understood.

Just a bump, but at least I’ll throw in a tidbit. NYMEX light sweet closed at $29.46 yesterday (not enough change to draw any conclusion).