Clinton the communist?

Why do some conservative thinks Clinton is a communist? What is the basis for this? Are there any conservatives that can explain this?

Hell, there are some Conservatives who think** everybody’s** a communist. What really honks them off is that Clinton, quite smartly, co-opted a number of Republican Agenda items, filed off the serial numbers, gave them a new coat of paint, and got them passed. If politicians cared about results instead of credit, there never would have been any scandal or attacks. The way he got things done, the Republicans should have been sending hookers over to the White House prepaid! :smiley:

Many non-communist Americans also voted for Bill Clinton. I voted for Bill Clinton in 1992 and 1996. I wish he was still President.

I’ll pick “They’re idiots” for $500, Alex.

As a conservative, I feel that Clinton was very moderate, actually. Far from a pinko.

Why are we still talking about Clinton?

In order to get back into the Gov.'s office in AK, Clinton re-invented himself as a pro-business slightly right-of-center moderate. Hillary is even more right-of-center. She was a major pro-Iraq war hawk. Note that Clinton actually carried out major reforms that alledged conservatives failed to do, e.g., balance the budget, welfare reform, etc.

This caused the extremist ring wingers intense anguish. If the American public realized that Democrats could be moderates or slightly right-wing it would destroy their long term plans to polarize the country. (E.g., such Democratic candidates would get the liberal voters by default, a huge chunk of the moderates and several mildly conservative voters. Leaving the conservatives with a tiny, and scary, voter base. This is why the media went to such great lengths to destroy Dean. "Look, he raised his voice in a speech! We can’t have such an obvious nut-job as President! Quick, everyone vote for Kerry!)

So, using the conservative-controlled press, they have spent the last 12 years doing everything possible to distort/libel/etc. the Clintons. Go see The Hunting of The President, Outfoxed, etc.

The conservatives don’t think he’s a communist, that’s one of their Big Lies they repeat over and over.

Put me down as another conservative who thought Clinton was a moderate.

A corrupt, immoral moderate, but a moderate nonetheless.

Thank you, rjung , this post will keep me laughing all day.

I’ll just say “what he said” and move on :wink:

When you hear somebody try to stick the communist label on a mainstream polititian, you can be sure either the speaker doesn’t understand communism or he knows he’s lying.

The Whitewater investigators spent millions in the effort, but found no reason to say Big Bill was corrupt. In spite of that, Mr. Moto chooses to cling to his “corrupt” sticker. The investigators had to settle for a blowjob, and maybe Mo should, too. IMHO.

In terms of trusting to the open market, the ol’ Slickster has got the current so-called “conservative” office-holder beat. Approving NAFTA vs Hiking Tariffs & Subsidies! The only communist/socialist position the Clintons seemed interested in was Universal Heath Care, which seemed doomed to failure from the outset. And to think I was gullible enough to vote against Willy and hopeful enough to vote for W!

This question is a little more nuanced than some are suggesting. For one, I doubt many sane conservatives actually thought that Bill was an out-and-out communist (i.e., follower of Marx). They mostly thought he was an amoral liberal bent on destroying what was good about America. The amoral part of Clinton is what really ticked a lot of them off. These are people who take morality seriously, don’t cheat on their wives, and respect military service. They viewed Clinton as a draft-dodging philanderer who had a shaky view of morality. That view, while it can be quibbled with on the margins, I think is amply supported by Clinton’s actions. These people, at the core, didn’t like Bill Clinton as a person. Their disagreement with his policies were secondary.

Now, to look at his policies, when Clinton came into office he was quite liberal. He tried the whole gays in the military thing, pushed for socialized medicine, and raised taxes. The voters then repudiated that liberalism in the '94 elections, and Clinton got with the program and became much more conservative – cutting taxes, ending the welfare entitlement, pushing for free trade, etc. And a lot of conservatives didn’t give him credit for that, since they saw that as simply him being unprincipled. He ran as a liberal in 1992 and then governed as a relatively conservative after 1995. Conservatives simply didn’t trust him.

Do I think Clinton gets unfairly demonized from the right? Definitely. He did a lot of very good things from a conservatives perspective. But this is no different than how liberals treat Bush. Bush has done some strikingly liberal things during the past three years – increasing government spending on education and other liberal social programs, expanding the Medicaid entitlement, increasing federal involvement in education through the No Child Left Behind Act, etc. – and yet you’d think he was the Antichrist by the way some Democrats talk. The fact is, no matter what a president does, the opposition party will attack him. If a Democrat enacts conservative programs, the Republicans will still attack him. If a Republican enacts liberal programs, Democrats will still attack him. The Clinton and Bush II presidencies have shown that repeatedly.

Clearly Clinton is a Groucho Marxist. He may be a little coconuts, but his day at the races is over. He can’t get into *the big store * anymore, so why bother?

Renob’s post clearly demostrates how a less-informed conservative who believes-what-the-press-says feels. It doesn’t reflect in the least how the power behind the scenes neo-cons and such view the matter.

E.g., he/she brings up Clinton’s supposed lack of morality. But note how Bush I was given a free ride on his perjury during the Iran-Contra trials (“I was out of the loop”) and keeping his mistress on the US payroll for years and years. None of the Bush family’s lack of morality gets mentioned. Conservatives railed on and on for years about “I didn’t inhale” but consider Bush II’s past drug problems immaterial. Etc. Etc.

Another classic example of media mistreatment of Clinton is how in 1996 the media deliberately kept secret Bob Dole’s affair he had before the end of his previous marriage. “He’s not going to win, why bring it up?” But Clinton’s past (mostly invented) was regularly highlighted.

Clinton clearly proved is was far more moral than any president since Carter. But the media of course played it the other way. There is no journalism in America anymore. Brave American Soldiers captured Saddam, nevermind the Kurd’s press release announcing the capture the day before it supposedly happened. That’s for overseas media to report.

The actual people manipulating things behind the scenes never thought for a second that Clinton was a liberal. That’s what scared them and caused all the media BS that people like Renob are so fond of recalling.

Actually, ftg, my opinion is that of one who actually worked in government when Clinton was president and was involved in dealing with his legislative program. Since I don’t believe in that the puppet masters are secrety manipulating our government, I’m sure it’s easy for you to dismiss my post since your conspiracy theories wrap up everything in a nice, tight bundle, but you actually didn’t even get to the heart of what I was trying to say.

My post was simply illustrating why some conservatives had a distate of Clinton. Your points about Bush I and Dole are irrelevant. The fact is, people viewed Clinton as amoral, and his record bears out this amorality. His philandering was proven; George Sr.'s was not and Dole’s was also not really proven until after the election. And even if there was some grand coverup (which is a ridiculous assertion to begin with, but I’ll grant it for the sake of argument), it’s not like Clinton’s amoral reputation was built solely on philandering. His Vietnam experience, his embrace of conservative policies after the '96 election, and his too-empathetic personality all indicated to quite a few conservatives that he was not a man to be trusted. Is this a correct conclusion to draw? That’s a debatable subject, but there were certainly people who thought it was. To dismiss them as ignorant misses the point completely. The OP asked a question, and I gave an answer.

And to say that Clinton wasn’t liberal is simply ignoring his policies. As I mentioned, the gays in the military issue, his tax hike, and his health care plan all put him solidly in the liberal camp in 1993 and 1994. Add to this his support of gun control and his environmental policies, and you have a president who was certainly left-of-center in many ways. You can dismiss this as “media BS” if you want, but to do that you have to ignore Clinton’s record. I know what he was proposing, not because I read it in the newspaper, but because I studied his proposals and his agencies’ actions as part of my job. I’m well aware of the many conservative things he did, but I’m also well aware of the liberal policies he supported, too, especially before 1994. Just because your conspiracy theories won’t let you acknowledge it is no reason to ignore the factual record, ftg

…but you said he became conservative after the 1994 elections, citing free trade (NAFTA passed in 93, IIRC), welfare reform (a cause he had supported from his days as governor of Arkansas), and tax cuts (if you’re thinking of the earned income child credit, he upped that in his very first budget).

Maybe what the OP’s asking is why before he was elected pres he was branded a communist by some? It was because he didn’t go to 'nam, and visited Moscow during his Oxford days.

If Clinton was a communist ,who Is Bush and his gang?

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PLease give us some examples of conservatives calling Clinton a communist.

Or that Clinton reinvented himself to get back into the Gov.'s office in Alaska.