Clinton's '88 convention speech

Anyone know where I can find a copy of Clinton’s 1988 nomination speech at the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta? Thanks.

That is the 32 minute speech (the longest in convention history, in which he nominated Dukakis) that ultimately won Clinton the title of “Comeback Kid” because it was so horrible that some had thought it would ruin his political career. Says CNN:

And MSNBC says:

I doubt you’ll find a copy online.

I sat in my living room and watched Clinton deliver that speech, and at that moment I gave up my goal of watching every convention gavel-to-gavel.

It was excrutiating and when Clinton got to “and in conclusion…” I cheered too.

I frankly don’t think the web has enough capacity yet to archive a copy of that speech.

No. He was known as the Comeback Kid long before that although this incident added more to the Comeback Kid legend. He was elected Governor of Arkansas in 1978 and then lost re-election in 1982. In 1986 he won again and that’s where he earned that title.


Do you have a cite to counter the MSNBC cite that you’re contradicting, Haj?

Here is his biography from the State of Arkansas Governor’s page.


He went on The Tonight Show a few days later and made several jokes at his own expense. He was quite funny and charming there.

For a copy of the speech just read the 1977 Mexico City phone book.

Thanks, Haj. He recovered pretty well from his impeachment, too. His ability to bounce back like a weeble after almost any blow reminds me of Reagan and his reputation for being coated with teflon. It’s like two super heroes, Weeble Man and Teflon Man. Who would win in a duel? :smiley: