Clinton's legacy???

Looks like he is in the process of destroying what is left of his legacy.

Well… ok.


Lessee, his legacy is a trail of what his detractors consider to be a dishonor to the Presidency and America, sex, lies, and murder, and childish pranks and vandalism upon leaving the White House.

How can he ruin a scintillating legacy like that? Did he help an old lady cross the street?

(One thing I gotta admit about Clinton… he’s an ass, but he’s a DAMN GOOD ass! :D)

Throughout the years of Clinton’s presidency, I argued that whatever minor wrongs he might have committed, the posturing of the Republican right was hypocritical. I didn’t care if he was getting blowjobs from Monica or having threesomes with Hillary and Chelsea.

But his “pardons for cash” is just so goddamn sleazy that it makes me ashamed that I ever stuck up for him.

I’d rather he gave pardons for cash to white color criminals than pardons to his treasonous cronies to save their asses from prison, which seems to be the most popular Republican pardons of the last 30 years.

As Jon Stewart sez… they’re addicted to him!


Stoid said:

I assume it was a typo rather than a freudian slip, but it made me snort anyway.

I agree with SPOOFE–Clinton is such a terminal sleaze that I find it amazing that anybody sees the Rich pardon as anything other than business as usual.

I’d rather he just quietly slink out of the spotlight. I mean, his show’s over! Just give him his $600,000 office (I know he changed his mind about office space) and let him get on with his… uh… whatever the heck it is he plans on doing!

What DOES he plan on doing, anyway?

I get a real kick out of how Clinton supporters defend him by saying “Hey remember the Ford pardon of Nixon…that was really bad too.”

It’s like a child being busted for breaking a window or something and defending itself by ratting out an older brother for smoking.

Hey, remember Bush pardoning his Iran Contra Cronies?

Who really cares, now, anyways. Politicians and sleaze are like peanut butter and jelly.

Except peanut butter and jelly taste good and is actually desired of civilian people.

Yeah, but this Rich guy wasn’t even a Clinton Crony! He was just some random shmoe who (allegedly) donated money (through his wife) in exchange for a pardon!

He hasn’t EARNED the title of “Clinton Crony”. An Honor such as that requires WORK, baby, WORK!

A major lesson of the Clinton years berdollos is that a man can get very lucky with his enemies.

He has been fortunate in that many of his detractors have been people who you’d pay to badmouth you. On your performance on these Boards so far berdollos, people not unlike you.

So far you’ve started nine threads. Some have been closed for being in the wrong forum, some for being crossposts. Three (including this one) are kind of lame anti-Clinton ones: Is Bill Clinton a Psychopath? and “Watch your daughters, count your spoons” (both in General Questions)
At least two smack of race-baiting: white or euroamerican? and I like and admire most Mexicans I meet

You need to do better than this or people will start to take your advocacy of a position as a fair indication that it’s crap.

*Originally posted by SPOOFE Bo Diddly *

Well, last I heard, he was giving speeches. For 100,000 dollars. A speech. I’m jealous right now.

Now I’m just flat-out jealous. Not one single threadthat I’ve started has ever been closed by a mod, and berdollos gets a bunch closed in his first freaking week!! I thought the mods never cared about me enough to discipline me, but damn, this is like a slap in the face.

I’m gonna go away and cry for a while. :frowning:


First, the “color” thing was a brain fart, of course. “Collar”. There, I proved I could spell it! This is important for my self-esteem. Please be kind.

Secondly, please keep in mind that he has no control over where the spotlight falls. It seems to me he is simply going about his business, however sleazy that may or may not be, and the spotlight keeps following him. Be annoyed with the press if you like (not to mention Arlen Specter and his crew) but being annoyed with Clinton for being written and talked about ceaselessly is like being angry with the sun for your skin cancer. The sun is what it is, it’s up to you whether you are going to bask in it or not.

Stoid; Theyre addicted to him?
Just think of the withdrawal symptom jokes…
love ya girl!

Here’s a flower, Stoid’ems, you did good. :smiley:

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