ClockSync has been asking me to set my computer’s clock EVERY DAY for the past four or so days. i finally did it yesterday, and it came back today. how do i make it shut up and go away?

agh! i meant to make a new thread. could a mod please split this for me?

Well, I’d install an NTP client that isn’t adware, personally, but that’s just me. ClockSync (owned by have a FAQ entry here that might solve your problem.

what is an NTP client, and are you saying clocksync is adware?

NTP stands for Network Time Protocol, and as the NIST links to on their about page, it’s the most common time setting protocol, so that’s why I say that. (The people who made ClockSync) are a targeted ad company that say on their main page “WhenU enables consumers to receive valuable software for free by agreeing to see occasional ads instead of paying a fee”. So I guess I’m just assuming, but I don’t think it’s a big leap to say you’ve got adware there.

BTW, if you’re running Windows XP, it already has an NTP time checker built in. Check the “Internet Time” tab in “Date and Time Properties”.

If you aren’t, I’d either search for “NTP client” on the net (I just tried it though, and even I can’t tell what might be spyware or the like…) or you could just get the one on the nist site. (Check the 3rd link in this post).