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Okay . . . Me and my missus have twin girls. They’re fraternal, meaning they aren’t identical. Just been reading about the coriolis effect and the north/south hemisphere stuff. As it happens one of my girls - Lily, her hair comes from the crown of her head in a clockwise direction, while Meg, the second born, her hair circles anti clock wise from her crown. I’ve always thought this odd. The funny thing is I’m an antipodean - an Aussie and the missus is a Pom . . . from the northern hemisphere. Is that the reason for different hair growing formations from the crown of the head - or have they just got different fathers? Any one shed any light?

The Coriolis effect only affects things that cover enough of the earth’s surface that the northern and southern parts of them move at appreciably different speeds (tens of kilometres at the least). Your daughters’ heads are presumably not that large.

Nor do your sperm and your wife’s eggs carry some sort of imprint of (anti-)clockwisedness as a result of your having been born in different hemispheres which has somehow carried through to the way your daughters’ hair grows. If it worked like that almost everyone north of the equator would have hair that swirled one way and everyone south the other. Again, your gametes are presumably not that large.

Yes. One of them is actually a gay man.


Yes. One of them is actually a gay man.

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