Clogged drain at work.

In the valet garage at work there is one floor drain which is perpetually clogged with tire scrub, the rubbery black dust scrubbed off tires from making turns and braking.

Anyway, the management can’t find the time or effort to unclog this drain (the snake wont fit in the hole) so what chemical can I pour down which would dissolve rubber?

Drano? Liquid Plummr?

Some petrochemical?

I unclogged the drain using…


a plunger. :rolleyes:

I’m not really sure what “over the counter” chemical your going to find that’s both safe and effective. The plunger may work, depending on where the clog is. If it’s forming past another junction, it’s not going to work, as all the compressed air will just go out another drain. My suggestion would be a long stiff wire, opening up a service port closer to the drain or, calling in a parking garage contractor and asking them.