Cloning Jesus

Suppose we were able to collect enough genetic material from the Shroud of Turin to clone the person who was wrapped in it. How could we tell if it really was Jesus? Would there be divine indicators,or would they ever manifest. A virgin birth could even be arranged!

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No chromosome pairs?

this is interesting. when i was in eighgth grade, my english/history/Bible teacher actually made us write a science-fiction type paper on this idea. i didn’t write it because i had too many ideas and didn’t know which ones i wanted to go with. besides i hate writing and have to finish writing a paper in one sitting or i’ll be unsatisfied with it when i try to finish. here’s what i think. a clone is merely a twin; it is NOT the same person. of course, yeah, somehow the clone would probably be lacking whatever Jesus got from his Father. anyways, here are some of the possible scenarios i would’ve written about had i actually written the paper. 1) He comes back as a clone and raptures the church after possibly 33 years, and then all that millenium stuff happens. 2) since it’s really His twin, it could be the Antichrist; and he would be able to claim that he was a Jew, and all that lineage stuff. 3) it’s somhow a girl.

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if they could manage to keep God Himself (the Father)'s part of the DNA, do you think they could eventually somhow make other God-human babies with it using women’s DNA or whatever other than Mary? (nottrying to be sacrilegious or anything, just imaginative).

You’d get a perfect twin of whoever faked the shroud of Turin.

Here’s your answer. In fact, here are two answers:

In His Image (The Christ Clone Trilogy, Book 1), by James BeauSeigneur

The Jesus Thief, by J. R. Lankford

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I used to sit around telling people that this was my great idea for a screenplay. (I had never heard of the books cited above.) It still would be, except that The Outer Limits made an episode with this plot a few years ago and kinda’ stole my (presumed) thunder.

The Outer Limits episode was kinda weak, with the whole telepathy thing…

Why bother with the shroud? Just cut open a Catholic right after communion.

Note that some Christians (and a lot of Muslims) already believe that Jesus had a twin brother. Most say Thomas but there are others put forward. If he was an identical twin, then a clone of Jesus already once existed, without any extra-ordinary powers.

Remember, a clone is just a sort of twin, it’s not the person.

The Shroud of Turin’s a fake. No blood of anybody, let alone Jesus.

You’re looking for a FACTUAL answer to this?

I think the closest we can come to that is to say that the shroud of Turin is most likely a medieval forgery.

Would that be considered a resurection?

And of course, the more general answer is that cloning doesn’t produce the same person. So, even though the person would be genetically identical to Jesus, he would be 2000 years younger, and grow up in a completely different environment. So, his beliefs and attitudes will be very different than the original Jesus.

You’re splitting hairs here. Would it count as a resurection?

Think of all the crazy presidential candidates who god would tell to come out of the woodwork.

By crazy, I mean crazier than GWB.

…It’d be kinda funny if the clone ended up exhibiting the symptoms of severe pathological schizophrenia.

I mean, it wouldn’t be funny for the suffering clone, or for much of western civilization, but for the “Gary Larson” set among us, it’d be good for a few laffs.

How could we tell if it really was Jesus?

I think as we understand the DNA of populations better, possibly w/i a decade or so, we may be able to say there is a 75% chance that this is DNA from an individual in Palestine in AD 30 … Number of course is completely made up.

If there is a very low probability of the shroud individual being such a person, that is one way to tell - that it is a forgery.