Close Encounters Blu Ray

The blu ray dvd of Close Encounters has been in “very long wait” in my Netflix queue for over a month. The disc itself cost around $35-40 at most places.

Is it worth it? What makes this version so special? Is there a noticiable improvement on blu ray?

The Blu-Ray disc contains all three versions of the film - the original 1977 theatrical cut, the re-edited 1980 theatrical Special Edition, and Spielberg’s own 1998 Director’s Cut.

They also went back to the original 35mm magnetic soundtracks to re-master the audio. Keep in mind that the film is 30 years old, so while they’ve managed to do an excellent job on restoring/remastering, it is still 30 year old analog tape and 30 year old, and fairly grainy, film.

This review sums it up: “I’ve never seen the film look or sound better, and the extras are a great mix of both new and old.”

Reviews at Amazon are almost entirely enthusiastic as well.

It is definitely worth it if you are a fan of the film.
The audio is a lot better then all previous versions and the image is as good as its going to get for a 30 year old movie.