Close mayoral race wasn’t bought with cinnamon rolls, court rules

In Canada even the election fraud is nicer.


At least not according to those who gave testimony before Justice Branch.

My “vote can’t be bought with a cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun,” Saffran, the witness, told the court.

I think maybe mine could.

Why not? It’s a lot more substantial than anything that most political parties have to offer.

What if they served it with chili?

Not sure about cinnamon and chilli, but a local baker makes a great roll with cinamon and cardamom.

As an amateur baker and chili lover, I will take up the challenge, though.

It’s a reference to this thread:

Thanks. I was not aware.

It’s less silly than it sounds, and the court pointed out that these were ‘very limited refreshments.’

Back in the days of political machines, it was common practice to hold huge events with cookouts (loudly sponsored by the right people) to make sure the right voters turned up on election day.

It might actually have been a bridge too far. In the political sense, at least. I’ve never had the dish myself but I’d try it.

I saw the thread on cinnamon rolls and chili. The combination doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t think that would get my vote.

My local city councilman set up a booth at the local farmer’s market as a way to meet voters, but he wasn’t giving anything away.

Great. Now I have to stop at Cinnabon on the way home.

That would not work here in the South, where Republicans are determined to purge voter rolls.

Go back far enough, and they included free booze.

This helps them in that effort. Just stick your finger down their throat after they finish, that roll with get purged.

It’s better than completely disenfranchising people.

Oh my god! That’s disgusting! Where?

I know you mean he wasn’t giving anything of real value. I’d be surprised if he wasn’t handing out leaflets that summarized his background and views.

It’s not uncommon for candidates to hand out small useful items, like bag clips or ballpoint pens with their name. I’ve been known to accept these items even from candidates I know would not get my vote.

Well, he wasn’t giving away cinnamon rolls that’s for sure.