Close to doing a Hulk-smash on spark plugs: help!

I can’t pull the freakin’ spark plugs out of my 2002 BMW (530I).

Everything is pulled out to get at plugs, but I can’t get a grip with a 5/8, 3/8, 10mm or 5/8 special plug socket. It’s not that they don’t turn, there’s no purchase on the threads.

I assume plugs are Bosch or NGK.

I stopped before I took a sledgehammer to the block :. What do I try next?

If you didn’t live so damn far away, I’d come over and help you!

I’ve said over and over you need to live next door!

Should I try a plug wrench instead of ratchet? These modo DPs are so deep :frowning:

I wish you had moved into the house next door to me. The new guy seems like an asshole to me.

The only thing I can come up with, is if you are using a spark plug socket, they usually have a rubber insert to secure the insulator. You might not be pushing it down far/hard enough for the socket to engage the “nut” of the plug.

(why can’t I come up with the correct term?)

I assume you mean there’s no purchase on the spark plug hex.

My info lists the recommended plug as NGK BKR6EQUP (stock # 3199) which should have a 5/8" hex. A 5/8" spark plug socket, or a deep 5/8" socket, should engage the hex. If it does not, try 13/16" and 9/16" sockets – someone might have installed the wrong plugs.

Have you looked at the plugs?
Use an inspection mirror - you might find that something has fallen into the well, and is prevent the socket from engaging.

Yes, I opened to post something similar. Be sure you have the correct size socket on there. You mentioned you tried 5/8", though from your OP, it’s not exactly clear (to me) what’s going on.

Also, as Gatopescado mentioned… check that the foam/rubber bushing (within the socket) isn’t keeping you from making purchase.

Did the sledgehammer help?

What exactly is a plug wrench? The normal set-up is a socket, extension, and handle (ratchet or breaker bar).

Modo? DP? I have no idea what this is supposed to mean.

C’mon, Jenn! We gotta know how this turned out! Don’t keep us hangin’!

My neighbor’s dog is named “Moto”, but pronounced “Modo”, and DP is… well…

Google it. :smiley:

LOL, fat fingers + phone! Spark plug wrench is a manual tool Bosch sells.

Today’s plan is to try different socket sizes, look into the wrench option, then say bad words if nothing works.

You could always send me a plane ticket. I ain’t never been back there.

I would if I wasn’t supporting my BMW fleet :smiley:

well, if it’s any consolation, your car isn’t a Mustang GT with the 3 valve 4.6 V8. Spark plug changes on those engines are legendary.


Reporting in: couldn’t get sparks out, even with neighbor guy help. We checked plugs with sensor and they were ok, so screw that.

Got new ignition coil boots in, which took care of an 0BD code. There’s still a code for 02 sensor, which I don’t care about for now.

Thanks for advice, guys. I think the theory that someone crammed in the wrong spark plugs is a good one; the previous owner put the front brake rotors on backwards suggests he’s the culprit :dubious:

It’s a BMW. We know.

How is it possible to put a brake rotor on backwards? :confused:

Kindly explain.

There’s got to be a way to take the plugs out if the plugs were put in…right? Like in jz’s Ford link, perhaps enough carbon or other deposits are causing them to seize?

I wonder if running the engine to full temp before pulling the plugs would help. I know, you might need oven mitts to avoid burning your hands, but it might expand the metal enough to make removing them possible.