Close to Home comic/SNL sketch

Check out today’s (2/5) “Close to Home” panel:

Does anyone remember a Saturday Night Live sketch in the same vein? The dead guy was being escorted into heaven by his guardian angel. The angel told the guy he could ask any question about his life on earth. The guy asked such questions as, “What was the most disgusting thing I ever ate and didn’t know about?” The angel answers that he couldn’t tell him becuase it was way too gross, but he could tell him the 134th most disgusting thing (an earwig in a pint of Haagen Dazs ice cream).

If you remember the show, who was the host?

John Larroquette. I think Dana Carvey played the angel.

Thanks. I’ll keep an eye out for it on Comedy Central, but knowing my luck they won’t show it or they’ll have cut that sketch.

Thats gross.

Oh man, thats gross.

Yeah, I remember that one. He also asked the angel, what’s the most hard-to-believe thing in the world that’s actually true?

Angel: You wouldn’t believe me.

John: Okay, what’s the second most unbelievable?

Angel: You still wouldn’t believe me.

John: Okay, what’s the 843rd most unbelievable?

Angel: Professional wrestling is real.

John (disbelieving expression on face): No!