Closet Buffett Fan

Like most other party animals in college I went through my Jimmy Buffett phase. Unlike some, however, I still occasionally like to listen to those old albums. I even keep buying the new ones. In fact, I though “Fruitcakes” was better than any of his albums that came out in the 80s.

However, the new ones have become progressively less satisfying. I want to like his new stuff, but Beach House on the Moon was spotty with a few gems, but mostly filler. Now he has a new album out, #5 on Billboard.

I haven’t followed any of the pre-release buzz. I haven’t heard any samples from this disk. But I want it anyway.

Has anyone heard it yet? Is is good? Is it more like “A-1-A” or more like “Riddles in the Sand”?

Help me decide.

I havn’t heard it yet but I’m sure they are playing tracks over at Radio Margaritaville.
Buffet RULES!

It’s pretty good. Better than “Beach House”. It’s right about like “Banana Wind” and “Barometer Soup”. Almost as good as “Fruitcakes”.

On the upside, it’s worth buyiing just for USS Zydecoldsmobile.