Closeted Dopers?

OK, so I’m looking at the new Straight Dope People Pages, and I start looking at the pictures from Falcon from the Doper’s Spiffled gathering in Springfield, Illinois, and I turn to page 3 and am greeting with the caption of the picture at the bottom of the page:

Hoo, boy - they got their dollar alright!

So is there something you’re not posting in the “Ask the Gay Guy” thread, HMMMM? :wink:

Anybody else need to confess their secret same-sex attractions here, HMMM?


“I experimented with heterosexuality in college. I had sex with a straight guy. I was really drunk.” - Bob Smith of Funny Gay Males


Don’t ask me, Esprix…I just post the evidence. innocent smile Alas, Joph did not show to the Chicago gathering, so we couldn’t get a repeat performance.

(TOTAL hijack: Yo Esprix! Any chance you can make it down to Norfolk for the Doper meet?)

And I’m still not sure if I got my half of that dollar.

Falcon - Norfolk? Hoo, that’s a bit of a haul. When is it? I’m getting ready for my annual big trip soon.

UncleBeer - Did you see The Simpsons this week? “Behind the Laughter,” a “behind the scenes” special about the show (interviewing Homer, Marge, etc.). There was a spot where they interviewed Homer’s co-workers, Lenny and Carl, and they were talking about how Bart used to throw money around when the show first got successful. Lenny says, “He even offered us a thousand dollars each to kiss.” Carl turns to him and says, “Did we ever get that money?” They both got very worried looks on their face. :smiley: (In the next scene Bart casually talks about booze, women, getting guys to kiss… and the announcer mentions sex, drugs, homoeroticism…)

So, uh, I’d check if I were you on that one… unless, of course, you liked it… :wink:


Esprix - August 26. Chief’s giving us a tour of the ship, then we’re all going out drinking.

I would love to be able to shed some light on “The Kiss” between UncleBeer and Joph, especially since I took the picture, but I can’t. Damn that Cherry Pucker… hell, I didn’t even remember taking that picture until I got the film developed.

My reaction in the grocery store as I thumbed through the photos was priceless, I’m sure.

No can do, I’m afraid. I return home after 16 days camping with my SCA friends on August 20, and then two weeks later I go to Disney World for two weeks, so the time in between I have to keep free and without cost. :frowning:

Perhaps next time. Or, maybe I’ll make it down to a DC doper fest one of these days…

And boli, what good is a picture like that without backup? C’mon - I want details! What did they get for five dollars? :wink:


Since I’m the one that paid for the act, I should probably explain. You will not be surprised to hear that all parties involved (myself included) were very drunk. I was offering everyone a dollar to make out with someone else. I harassed Boli and Omni for most of the evening to make out, but evidently they hadn’t had quite enough to drink, because they refused. Unclebeer and Joph were more easily persuaded, so they had at it and posed for pictures, too. I then paid Joph the dollar and told him to give Unclebeer fifty cents. That was the last I heard about it until the Chicago Dopefest, when UB told me that Joph had never given him his share.

That is all. PERfectly innocent.

Esprix You go to Pensic?

Yup - this is my 10th. (Needless to say I camp with Blue Feather :)) You?


Valerie, if I remember correctly (haha), you took your dollar back when you ran out of Coke to mix with your rum. Did some kindly soul step up with a dollar?

By the way, are we going to have another exercise in drunken excess (i.e. a Doper gathering) anytime soon?

I dunno, Boli… I don’t remember the later part of that evening too clearly. You know, the part of the evening after you conspired with Omni to pour beer over my head? Yeah. I think what actually happened was that I borrowed a dollar from Joph to get a Diet Coke MUCH later that night. He had plenty of time to pay Unclebeer. And how was I supposed to know that I was borrowing the SAME dollar that I had paid him? It’s not like I could go through his wallet BEFORE he passed out. :wink:

So, I *think[/] I owe Joph a dollar, but he still owes Unclebeer fifty cents.

I haven’t been yet, but a lot of my friends go. They all stay in a variety of camps. That is very cool. If you go to a “McGrion” (sp?) party look for Idunna. She is my roommate.
Do you ever come down to the MD Ren Fair? I go multiple times every year. :smiley:

In the SCA I’m known as Joshua, Clan Den Mother, and other less savory titles. :wink:

I’ve never been to a Ren Faire in my life - SCA for 11 years. I might go to the PA this fall.