Closing a thread on my humble opinion

I just saw that a thread on my humble opinion (about massages with ‘happy endings’ was closed because - according to the moderator - it asked advice on illigal actions.

My problem with this closing is that massages with happy endings aren’t illigal per se. In Holland (also Germany and many other European countries as well as the state of Nevada) for instance prostitution is legal and I asume these kinds of massages as well. So shuld a thread be closed just because the activity is illegal in some parts of the world?

I’m not a moderator, and I haven’t seen the thread in question, but I would note that the Registration Agreement says:

You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use the SDMB to post any material that you know or should know is false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, threatening, invasive of a person’s privacy, or violative of U.S. law. You agree not to post material that in our opinion fosters or promotes activity that is illegal in the U.S.

Nevada is in the US.

That was my thought too. But to explain the custom, I’ve heard it said that where legalities differ, the board goes by the laws of Illinois (physical lcation of theChicago Reader, Ed, Jerry, the hamsters etc.). Seems a fair way to call it to me.

I suspect that in a bona fide “I want advice on doing X here where it’s legal” situation, the moderators will take the location of the member asking advice into consideration.

In Nevada prostitution is permited at a licensed brothel by an individual who meets certain qualifications. It’s not legal for just anybody to do it anywhere.

The thread talks about a “roomie [who] is a really hot midwestern boy who gives massages- normal or “happy ending”.” While men are not expressly prohibited from working at licensed brothels in Nevada, they are statutorily required to provide weekly cervical specimens: Which most men are unable to do.

It’s unlikely this guy is a prostitute legally working in licensed brothel somewhere in Nevada.

The board errs on the side of legality here. Not only are we subject to the laws of the US, we are also considered subject to our local laws even though our posts are on a US server (I’ve run into this in the past). I don’t completely agree with it, but it’s their playing field. Prostitution isn’t illegal in Canada, either - however, many of the activities involved with paying for sex are. A private exchange in a private home with no previous solicitation would not be prosecutable in Canada, based on my cursory google search.