Closing credits on old TV shows

I noticed that the closing credits on lots of old TV shows almost always had a “blank spot”, usually on the lower left-hand corner. Sometimes, that spot was filled with a picture (see “The Dick Van Dyke Show” or “Andy of Mayberry”), but, mostly it looked like the credits were avoiding that space for some reason. Was this for station IDs or the show’s sponsor, and, especially if the latter is true, why did this practice continute thoughout the 70’s, when no one sponsor had their own show?

Just a WAG. I think they’re probably covering a network logo.

No, a sponsor logo.

When individual shows stopped having sponsors, the first reaction was: “But we have to put something there; there’s always been something there!” Sorta like the fake tax stamps that are still on soft cigarette packages to this day, though the actual tax stamps vanished in the 60’s.

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Very likely the sponsor logo that isn’t there was for a cigarette brand.

I gotta check this out. Dick Van Dyke seems to be on Nick at 4 AM EST, and I’ll try to tape it tonight, but Mayberry is not on at all, it seems. Are there any other shows where you noticed this?

:: but Mayberry is not on at all, it seems::

Are you kidding? Don’t you get TBS? Isn’t it on a thousand times a day?

Which reminds me:
I saw a big old truck once with the bumper sticker “I’d rather be watching the Andy Griffith Show.” Run away, run away!!

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Wait, no it isn’t.