Clot, Clicked, Licked, Clocked. Cloaked.

Yeah…Reminds me of “hood” too for some reason.

Heart attack, stroke, pulmonary embolism, deep venous thrombosis.

Coumadin, heparin, aspirin, Plavix, Integrilin.

This is a word association game, right?

Proof of Salvador Dali’s resurrection: it’s more likely than you think.

(I have a dirty mind and I’m not going to tell you what it jumped to upon reading ‘clot’. Nope.)

cream, blood, stupid person, blot.

Can I have my analysis now? Do I win something?

Ha! You’re thinking of “hood” too aren’t ya! Or something hooded. Or cloaked. Like a ringwraith. Which isn’t really a wraith, it’s a fungus or something.

Clot, **** commander, Napoleon, french ticklers.

But I was already influenced by Kythereia!

My work here is complete. :smiley:


Reminds me of Clop, like a horse’s hooves on pavement. Riding. Little Red Riding Hood. There you go. Hood.

Clot, Clop, Clap…


Yeah, maybe not.

But I’d still rather have pneumonia

Clot … congealed. I just think that’s a cool word.
Okay, I got nothing.