Clothespin Chopsticks

I eat with a friend at a lot of pho restaurants. However, I’ve never been good at using choipsticks. The pencil method doesn’t work for me due to the unique way I use a pencil. So, I have to starting point. I was watching “Castle” last night and his mother and daughter were eating Chinese food. They were using plastics chopsticks that were hinged. They resembled clothespins. I looked them up as such and found them on Amazon. However, not wanting to pay postage matching the price, does anyone know what type of place I can buy some of them?

I’ve bought them at boutique stores in Portland, Maine and in Boston.

They work pretty well. If you can’t find them, though, you can improvise your own by wadding up a piece of paper (fold it in half about four times), placing it between a pair of chopsticks at the far end (away from the food) and winding a rubber band around the paper and the top of the chopsticks to keep it all in place. I have this in a book on chopsticks, and Dave Barry wrote about it, and I’ve seen it done for kids in some Chinese restaurants. Doubtless you can find instructions online.

Do you have an Asian Market anywhere nearby? I have seen them there.

Training Chopsticks:

Apparently some people glue or rubber band chopsticks to a clothespin – almost literally what your title suggests. But this is easier.

Why not just get a fork and spoon?

I make automatic chopsticks like the one in the link CalMeacham provided. I use the wrapper from the chopsticks and a hairband. It was a great conversation piece at our last team lunch when people were trying to learn how to use chopsticks. I’ve been making them for the kids for a long time and I can put one together in about twenty seconds.

I enjoy using, and these days I can even eat Jello with them. Much to the amusement of co-workers and the occasional embarrassment to my shirtfront.


Hardware store tubing, something sharp and DIY it. Not my blog.

Training Chopsticks
Cheater Chopsticks

You shouldn’t bail on using real chopsticks just yet.

Simply because you hold a pencil differently doesn’t mean you can’t hold chopsticks correctly.

One important thing to remember is that you don’t move both sticks at the same time. Instead the bottom stick forms the base and the top stick is what does most of the work.

I scoured youtube for a few clips but the one that gets to the point most simply is:

How to use chopsticks