Clothing size to height & weight

I keep reading weight threads and wondering when reading that someone who weighs more than I do, in the same size. I’m wondering if vanity sizing isn’t as much of an issue in Canada, or perhaps some people really have heavier bones, or perhaps I am set more broadly for my measurements (although I have narrow hips).

I have about 15 lbs more than I would like, I am consider thin by many people but I do not have a flat tummy. I am 5’ 9" and 135lbs, and my measurements are 36-27-36. I wear size 8 or 9 in almost every brand from departments stores (Gap, Old Navy, Sears, Zellers, Fairweather, Smart Set, etc), and if I buy a dress that is vanity sized - the lowest it goes is size 6. Jeans are either a 28, 29 or 30 waist and a 33 or 34 inseam. Bras are always 34B - I don’t see a difference between Tommy, Eddy Bauer, Club Monaco, The Gap, or anything at Winners, or even Wal-Mart sizing.

So, what is it? What weight, height and size and measurements do you have, and what the heck is a size 8 where you are?

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womens sizes are unbelievable weird.

generally 10-15lb is usually the difference between one size and another. a taller person will have weight distributed differently than a short person. toned muscle weight will be different than untoned fat weight.

I am more or less trim & fit, but not extremely toned - I’ll admit my tummy looks more like Brittney’s tummy now compared to Brittney’s tummy then. I’d say I am very “normal” in size, but I know in order to have a “perfect” body - it would be about 6 weeks work to lose about 10 lbs and 2 inches proportionally and I am 36 so I really don’t care about that “perfect waist” any more. (That perfect figure defined, which I have had when I was younger was 34-23-34 and then I was in a 6 or 7 and weighed about 122)

You see, I don’t find much weirdness in sizes when buying clothing myself, perhaps because I am tall and thin and more or less trim. The only one item I must try one is jeans because depending on where the hips sit, it will be a different size somewhere between 28 and 30 due to having very high hip bones. Everything else is easy, I look at it and I know an 8 or 9 will definitely fit.

What I am really curious about, is in weight loss threads I’ve seen people say they are 165lbs, and wearing size 8. I have a female friend who wears size 8 and is 165 as well, but she is 6’1" in height, and that I get. I know I am above average height so what I was thinking a size 8 on a shorter person would look heavier but weight less than I do.

Without weight in the form of larger bones, or a bunch of heavy excess skin, or larger arms and legs and even then I really can’t figure out how someone who is most likely short than I am, can have 40lbs more on them, unless their clothing choices are exclusively brands that vanity size in a way I haven’t seen.

So what is it? What brand’s size 8? What measurements? What height? What clothing problems cause you to buy a larger or smaller size? What is with all the weird sizing out there?

Hey. Sorry, I actually did mean to post to this last night, but I forgot…Not sure if you’re looking for a precise answer, or more of general experiences from people. I can provide the latter. :slight_smile:

I’m about 5’2" and weigh 100 lbs. My measurements are roughly 34-24-33ish (I’m never sure what my hips are). I usually wear a zero or two (sometimes this changes–I have some formfitting stuff in a size four from H&M and at Ann Taylor Loft, I wear either a 0P or a 00P).

It is hard to tell, isn’t it? I was reading up on wiki the other day, and it said:

It also says:

So there is a clearly defined size zero. I’m considered very very skinny, and technically I think I’m a little big for it. And yet I often wear a size zero.

The NIST was involved in developing sizing standards for women’s clothing.

The linked site has PDFs of the actual standards, which have since been withdrawn. It’s kind of interesting to take a look at the standards docs.

It has to do more with muscle than anything else as far as I can tell. I’m an inch taller and five pounds heavier than my mom. Her waist is several inches bigger than mine, and she’s much less muscular at this point; I work out several times a week, but she’s not in good enough health to these days. I wear a size 6-8 and she wears a size 12-14.

I’m a little under 5’4", my measurements are 37-27-38, and I weigh quite a bit more than you do.

I’ve actually measured the waist bands of several pairs of pants, and they aren’t really that inconsistent, at least the brands I’ve bought. 6 is usually 27" and 8 is 28". At most they’ve been off an inch either way.