Cloud Storage opinions

My wife is a member of a volunteer national organization and they are researching a cloud storage system to store organization files and also to create/edit/share files. Some details:
[li]The system will become an archive for the organization, which is over 50 years old, including multiple file types: documents, images, spreadsheets, design files.[/li][li]They are also hoping to use it for sharing project files, including real time editing and ability to easily identify the most recent document. [/li][li]It would be helpful to have a calendar as part of the system as well for setting due dates and also meeting reminders. [/li][li]There are about 15 people in the group (located across the country).[/li][li]They want something that is intuitive and easy to use for people of varying degrees of computer savvy. (They are using Yahoo Groups now and hate it).[/li][li]Their budget is about $10-$15/month[/li][/ul]

They have looked at Box and Proofhub. (They need more storage than Google Drive can give them). Can anyone recommend either of those? Are there other systems they should be looking into? Thanks in advance.

Google drive is now down to $10/month for 1TB of data … how much storage can they need?

Not sure. Maybe it was more expensive than that when they first looked into it.

This is part and parcel of my IT professional background so I offer this advice with a high level of confidence. Based on your requirements you have many good options but in order of preference, I recommend:

  1. Box dot com
  2. SharePoint on line (in the cloud)
  3. Dropbox

Box will suit your needs perfectly. SharePoint on line is probably overkill but has many features like team and projects sites in addition to document management which you might find helpful. Dropbox is great for document storage butit lacks many of the collaboration featuresof the other two. It’s easy to use but I find their data retentions policy of “you can’t sue us if we lose something” a little troubling.

P.S. I do not work for any of the above.

Thanks, Quicksilver. I very much appreciate the professional recommendations!