Clowns in little car?

just took the kids to the circus and they’re still doing that old routine where about ten clowns get out of a little car

my 7 year old asked me how they did it and i said i didn’t know

does anyone here know how it’s done?:smack::smack::smack::smack:

The car parks over a trap door. More clowns climb into it as others are jumping out.

If you take everything out of the car’s shell, there is a heck of a lot of room inside. A small electric motor gives more space. And many of the costumes collapse.

Yup, digging around suggests I may be wrong. Apologies. That’ll teach me to answer GQ questions.

the car was about the size of a baby carriage, really small…and the clowns were big…and the circus tent was set up on a vacant field so there’s no trap door down there

i know the clowns lie flat on each other in a hollowed out car but still it seems like theyre four or five times the volume total of the car’s volume

perhaps some retired clowns can chime in?

This may help: The Physics Of Clown Cars

Its got formulas and everything!

17 people can fit in a hollowed out vw bug? how many could they jam in a phone booth back in the day? i remember a photo of it in LIFE mag

I did “chime in,” although it has been fifteen years since I was in greasepaint. Being as I am just over six feet tall, and was not the most nimble man even in my youth, I was the one in the exaggerated police uniform who stood next to the car to make it look smaller than it really is.

The circus uses a lot of illusion. Sorry to break this to you.

clown, did u trademark your makeup

I’ve always had an aversion, if you will, to circus clowns ever since the time when my Dad took me to circus and a clown climbed up into the seats and shot my dad. Yes, hard to believe but something like that will leave a psychic rent that takes a while to heal.

OK ok ok, just kidding.

Trademark, no. Register, yes.

i’ve heard that clowns patent or trademark or ‘register’ their particular unique makeup face so no other clown can look like 'em…my question to you clown is: once you’re retired, does your makeup face go back into the public domain so to speak so another clown can use it or is it yours forever? or doesn’t it really matter since there are literally th ousands of versions of a clowns face madeup

Apparently they paint them on eggs. That’s all I’ve got.

Really? Wow, I didn’t realize that.
So, that begs the question: Has there ever been a lawsuit filed for trademark infringement? :stuck_out_tongue:

i wonder if he wore the clown makeup when he was getting laid

Honking your red nose at the moment of orgasm can be a real mood-killer, I’ve heard.

In my experience, the registration ( I sent a good photo to Wisconsin) has no legal standing on its own. The registry is more for research than protection.
A clown’s makeup and costume can be trademarked, but only a few corporate mascots or star clowns ever bother. Clowns like my wife and I, who did local events and an occasional mudshow never got to the point where anyone would bother copying our look.
Oh, and if properly applied, greasepaint can stand up to almost any normal daily activity.

Anyone else got a hankerin’ for an Ask the Clown thread?

I would need to graciously abstain, as a thirty-years-outdated failure at any given form of entertainment is a poor spokesman for the art.

There was a segment on Car Talk about 18 months ago where a clown called in asking for advice on picking a new car. The page is here, but I don’t know if you can listen to it at this point without having to pay 95 cents.