Clubbing vs. Pubbing.

I like pubs. I like to go out and talk to the people I’m with, have some drinks, and go home.

My sweetie likes clubs.

To me, a club is kind of like being on the receiving end of an SAS assault. There is a sudden rush of sensation where you are overwhelmed by bass sounds and flashing lights, and then you can’t see throught he smoke and yet people who know how to move through this are able to do bad things to you. The bad things generally involve over charging for drinks, which is minor, but I still don’t get it.

You go out with people you like, then walk into an environment where you can’t speak to each other because of the noise, can’t really see each other because of the smoke machines and the strobes and the lasers, and somehow this is fun?

I may be old now, but I used to enjoy hardcore gigs back in the day. DOA and SNFU and so forth, I was out there in the pit moshing it up and it was all good, but do people really go to clubs for the music? Is listening to Sean Paul sing the same song the same way for the 42,348th time really worth it?

What am I missing? Why is this supposed to be fun?

I like pubs too. Having said that, I love the occasional late night at clubs every so often.

Maybe you’re going to the wrong places. Not all clubbing experiences consist of bass and flashing lights. In fact, some of my favourite places have soft lighting, relaxed chill-out music and a great atmosphere. (OTOH, the price of drinks remains exorbitant.) One club I like is small and pretty noisy (mainly commercial house music – think Ministry of Sound), but there’s dimly-lit booths, beanbags and comfy couches where you can sit and chat (or recover).

**In all honesty, for some people it is the drugs first and foremost which maketh the club experience.

It’s easy for me:
Pubbing is going out with friends and maybe meet some new.
Clubbing is meeting new people and having fun without a deeper connection.

I prefer pubbing over clubbing myself. I think it might be an age thing too, not sure though.

It’s nice to actually be able to have a conversation over the table while shooting pool, for example.

BTW, what does SAS stand for?

Pubbing but then again, I’ve never been a party animal. And my boyfriends never liked to dance (pout).

Pubs are so much more my style, unfortunately it’s the clubs that get the ladies. So, off to the pub to hang with my friends, off to the clubs for more (to stick with the OP’s analogy) covert missions.

Triss: I don’t remember what the letters stand for, but basically SAS is Britain’s special forces unit. Very elite, and definitely a group you don’t want to be recieving a whoopin’ from.

Special Air Service, I think. The “Air” probably refers to the paratroop aspect of their operation.

How weird am I… I clicked on this topic because I thought “clubbing” referred to “hitting people with clubs”, and couldn’t figure out what act of violence was represented by “pubbing”.

(smiley smacking self on forehead)

I’m a pub crawler too, not a bar hopper. I dig the darts, pool, foosball, board games and bocci.

But for halloween my club friends abducted me and took me a few clubs. very surreal I must say; if there was one day to go out clubbing, halloween would be it. it was like Wizard of Oz and Marilyn Manson crashed into each other in the streets of downtown houston.

It’s about the dance. You dance and work up an interest. Then if you want a break, you go to the patio out back to cool down and talk. But the Club is about dance. (And the hot go-go boys in their tight underwear)

Pubs, definitely.

Pubs, not Clubs

I’ve never liked clubs much myself. Well one I liked.

Hey it was ladies night, we got to watch strippers then mingle with the guys and dance afterwards.

Generally though I like Karaoke and pubs. Relax, have a few drinks, sing a few songs, shoot some pool if they have a pool table.

I got tired of the club scene in my early 20s. Once the novelty of turning 21 wore off, clubs became nothing but a headache.

Besides, I’m a lazy drinker. I prefer to sit on my ass while I drink myself into oblivion.

I like both, but they both offer very diiferent things. Pubs are nice places to go with friends, to hang out in and unwind, and have a drink and a laugh.
Clubs are a bit more exciting, a bit more glamorous, and with a little more of a hint of danger in the air, which I like (though this is probably due to all the unsavoury charcters that hang out in clubs, who I don’t like so much)
But clubs are really all about dancing (unless you’re one of those people for whom it’s all about the E’s, and there’s an awful lot of them in the U.K). if you don’t like dancing though, clubs will always be completely pointless for you. Me , I loooove dancing, though not always in big super clubs with dry ice and blinding lights.
One of my favourite clubs was a tiny place, no bigger than an average terrace house, with no real “cool” decor or light effects to speak of, but on friday nights they would play the hottest funk records known to man, which would never fail to cause this lil’ white girl to shake some serious booty.

Pubs for me and the girls.

Clubs only if there is live music worth the meat-market experience.

Funny, when my friends decide on a night out, even when in hopes of meeting new friends, we choose the pubs. Conversation can happen, and the pool table offers many possibilities for getting to know you. Including a stick to beat them off with when they get too weird.

This may explain it. Given that there was six inches of snow on the ground and a wind chill sufficient to cause you to lose all feeling in your fingers within a minute when we went out on Halloween, the patio thing was not an option. It’s like that for about the next eight months. No place to take a break.

Plus, I don’t dance well and they mostly don’t have the hot go-go boys.