CMJ Subscribers

Any dopers subscribing to Contemporary Music Journal?
[li]Is there an option to get all the content online (ie, ditch the paper and the CDs?[/li][li]Does the subscription get appreciably cheaper after the first year?[/li][li]Do you subscribe to any other magazines that regularly offer music CDs (Dirty Linen, Amp, BW&BK)?[/li][/ul]

Unfortunately I can’t answer any of your questions (except the third one - no) but I used to subscribe to CMJ and I found that over half the CDs were broken by the time I received them.

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The CMJ New Music Monthly?

I found the subscription increased each year. And their ability to actually get an issue out decreased. I think I got 16 months out of one subscription.

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Um…do you mean College Music Journal? (Link to Wikipedia because the CMJ Website doesn’t actually say what CMJ stands for.)

CMJ actually puts out two different magazines: CMJ New Music Monthly and CMJ New Music Report. New Music Monthly is geared towards consumers, and New Music Report is geared towards the music industry.

When I worked at my college radio station, we subscribed to the New Music Report - which includes a subscription to New Music Monthly. The articles were pretty interesting for reading while sitting around the station, but as music director I mostly concerned myself with the reporting and charts (we reported our weekly charts to them.)

From what I can tell by looking at the webpage, it doesn’t look like you can get the full content of either magazine online, but it does look like there is a “New Music Report online” which is “weekly content available in the popular Adobe® PDF digital format.” It doesn’t look like either magazine gets cheaper the longer you have a subscription (admittedly, I’m only taking a cursory glance.)

New Music Report is prohibitively expensive for an individual music enthusiast ($395 for one year, $655 for two years) and is really of limited interest to someone not in the music industry in one way or another. What you really want (I assume) is New Music Monthly ($39.95 a year) which is, in my experience, a perfectly decent music magazine.

Yes, which only makes sense if they still include a CD with every issue. I was really hoping to avoid overburdening Philadelphia’s recycling services.

I wish there was some way for me to get the CD and you could get the magazine.