C'mon Blizzard! Give us what we want! (Diablo II related)

And what we want is the patch! Stop teasing us!

Releasing fake info, rumors, hints…screen shots…:dubious:
You’re killin’ me!

Am I the only one who is kinda holding their breath for this stupid patch?

What would you other D2-ers like to see in the newest patch?

How much of the current rumor mill do you think is garbage?

All D2 talk here.

The one thing I’d like to see is a button in the main channel before you get into a game which, when pressed, would stab a specified player in the face.

I’d get a repetitive stress injury from maiming all the people who don’t realize that “you” isn’t spelled “u”.

Moo moo?


Moo moo moo?


doh! Why didn’t I think that it would be in the Cafe?!

Maybe that’s what that little gem button is for. Hmm… :dubious: