CNN: Anderson Cooper and Erica Hill have a "big announcement"

I bet they are dating the same guy. :slight_smile:


She’s moving to CBS.

Damn. It would have beat winning the Celebrity Death Pool.

Erica was the best part of CNN. She made Anderson Cooper a lot less wooden.

I guess going to a major network is a step up from Cable. Congrats to Erica.

They did well together.

I had the biggest crush on her when she was on TechTV’s news show. Never managed to follow her to CNN.

Good! That skank whore needs to stay the hell away from my Anderson.

I second this. She’s smart, funny, beautiful, and seems like a genuinely nice person. I’ll miss her on AC360, and even though I usually don’t care too much which talking head I get my news from, I’ll seek her out on CBS.

Missed a beard announcement by THAT much…

She always seemed to be having a good time interacting with Pat and Leo.