CNN is no longer journalism

CNN is pathetically biased and drenched with elitist movie-star ideology and hypocrisy. Especially the Cuomo brothers show. What a joke and an insult to journalism.

and faux news isn’t ? they dont even call it a "news " channel anymore its an "opinion and commentary " now just like talk radio is …

I was, once upon a time, a big CNN fan, and a regular watcher. I don’t think I’ve intentionally watched more than a few minutes of CNN newscasts* in at least a decade, if not more – the quality of their coverage has just gone seriously downhill.

I’ll now watch BBC World News, or NewsNation on WGN America, if I want actual news coverage.

*- I watched Anthony Bourdain’s show when it was on CNN, and have watched several of their documentaries in recent years. But, the straight news stuff? Nope.

actually i never watched cnn for news it was usually the “headline news” which is now a real crime channel after 8 o clock

Journalism isn’t dead but it is on life support.

Not a big CNN fan, but I did see a very unflattering Cuomo article that quoted a number of people pointing out where he “clearly lied”.

“I heard the governor’s press conference and to be clear, the governor lied. There was no agreement between the House and the Legislature and the governor on this bill.”

But I also saw a Fox News article whose whole point was that CNN took too long to condemn Cuomo, so that might be the impetus for this thread.

Cuomo Brothers Show? Chris Cuomo does have a show on CNN, but he recently announced he would leave it up to other reporters to comment on his brother’s problems, due to his personal relationship with the governor.

Most of internet is faux. Too bad a once-great news network (back in the day with Wolf Blitzer) has become entertainment, or worse. CNN thinks it can make the news, not just report it. Sad.

CNN still has Wolf Blitzer. Maybe you should watch it more before you complain.

I usually look at BBC, Reuters, Fox, and CNN every morning. So I know Wolf Blitzer is still there. Sad.

Wow. Nothing. But. Lies.

Sad = You, EastUmpqua

I recall a 2013 CNN headline of “presidential scandals”…"Lewinsky…Katrina…Obamacare."

…okay then, CNN!

I would agree with a certain amount of criticism of CNN if you didn’t use provocative trigger words like “pathetically biased”. Maybe you were thinking of Fox News when you wrote that.

CNN is in the difficult position of providing 24-hour news in an era where it’s hard to turn a profit on news. There’s too much sensationalism, too much focus on trivia, but there have also been some really good opinion pieces by anchors like Anderson Cooper and Brianna Kielar as well as ongoing solid news reporting. Sure, they hate Trump, but so does everyone who isn’t insane. I’ve also seen them be critical of Biden when appropriate.

I think the appropriate criticism of CNN is that some of the journalism is low quality, and as I said, often sensationalist and sometimes click-bait. The guy they have doing aviation stories – Miles O’Brien – is an idiot. Ashley Strickland, who does many of their science and space stories, doesn’t know anything about science and also can’t write well. All that is granted. But can you cite some specific examples of this alleged “pathetic bias” (preferably on the website where I can actually look it up)?

Corrected → I usually look at Sky News, Daily Mail, and National Enquirer. Sad.

East Bumqua.

Got any more context? Because, without it, that seems perfectly fair to me. Those seem a fair interpretation of what the biggest scandals were in each of the presidential campaigns. Obama had so few actual scandals, that the attacks on Obamacare dwarfed it. If anything, they’re being light on Bush by not including the Iraq War itself.

But, of course, further context or explanation could help me understand the issue you have.

As for the OP? It (also) seems to be missing a clear accusation. If it’s just that Cuomo won’t cover his brother, then that makes sense—it would be a conflict of interest, as others said. If it’s that they aren’t covering the governor at all, then that’s clearly false.

I much prefer Pit threads that explain exactly what the poster is upset about, ideally with examples and/or citations.

OK I added pathetic. I saw a post in the pit about Fox news is fucking… or something like that. So I wanted to point out that CNN is as biased as FOX (depending on your personal ideology). This is the article I read before posting this thread:

Not even close, going by this recent Ad Fontes Media Bias Chart. Taking AP and Reuters as the center of that bias scale, Fox News is significantly farther to the right of it than CNN is to the left of it. CNN is also noticeably higher than Fox News on the factual reliability scale.

No question that CNN is clearly depicted on that chart as both more biased and less reliable in its accuracy than some other sources, including NBC and CBS and NPR. But CNN definitely outperforms Fox News in terms of both fairness and factual reliability.

I don’t see much there except that (a) they hate Trump, as does everyone with more than half a brain – and everything they reported about him was true, and (b) they tended to disfavor Republican candidates. Is that a surprise? I had forgotten the name of one of the latest Republican stars, so I Googled the name by typing “crazy Republican senators”, and there it was: Marjorie Taylor Greene. And how about fist-pumping insurrectionist Josh “the talking horse” Hawley? But never mind that, the vast majority of Republican senators voted to acquit Trump despite his clear guilt, with even some of the jailed insurrectionists volunteering to testify against him.

Sorry, I don’t see any “bias” on the part of CNN. If you want a discussion of actual bias, check out the GD thread Is Fox News really all that bad?. Warning: the thread is very long, but you will soon discover that it’s because it has a lot to say! You may also learn that there is a huge difference between alleged “bias” and outright lying, which has been the practice of Fox since its inception.

You have your own opinions, just like everyone else. Here in the US I think most people are moving on from Trump and looking forward. At least I hope so.