CNN , Wash post looking into 20-30 more guys for sex harrasment

Based on a tweet from this guy who is a Dem

Here is the tweet

I wish I could say that the number surprises me, but it doesn’t. #sad.

Just the beginning, I suspect. Not just more in office, but in surrounding politics – talking heads, radio, journalists, party insiders, etc.

And good. This shit must come out and heads should roll.

Republican Congressman Trent Franks just abruptly resigned.

Someone should start a thread in this forum. :wink:

Please, please PLEASE let it be Sean Hannity…

Now, Universe, I know I haven’t been a very good pantheist, but if you would just give me this *one *sign…


Mommy makes sure that doesn’t happen.

Maybe not a good idea to have separate threads for each instance. Might be a bunch. Does anyone know how soon you can hear the first rumble of an avalanche, and when you’re buried under fifty feet of snow?

Also, bets. I’m taking the “over” at more than thirty, and the partisan bet is 70% Republican.

Thirty would be less than 10% of the critters, and still less than 10% even if we count only the men, so I would not take the under bet on that.

I’m taking the gender bet at 90% male. :smiley:

THERE’S an image I didn’t need.

He means Pence’s wife, you perv!

Guess what Pence calls his wife?


I’m guessing not “you perv.”

There is an omnibus thread in the Pit.

30 seems ridiculously low. Just sitting politicians at the national level or are we including others? I’d still go 50 or higher. 60% Republican.

This is just one story (or group of stories) – they might have 30 now and then they’re still digging into another 50 or more.

Journalists actually investigate these – they don’t report any random accusation without checking the facts.

Who told you that? :wink: