CNN/YouTube Presidential Debate

Tonight the historic first-ever YouTube Presidential Debate, hosted by CNN in Charleston, South Carolina. Your questions on CNN and YouTube will be answered and analyzed by the Democratic frontrunners. The Person of the Year, We the People, will decide the debate and the election.

Oh dear. You must be young.

Senator Clinton answered a YouTube question “Do you consider yourself a liberal?” by answering that liberal is a perjorative term and that a better word to describe herself is a progressive.

It’s interesting that this is the first election without incumbents in the primaries since 1928. We need to have the 2010s to be like the 1910s (minus the negative aspects) and we don’t want an economic depression or war. So this will be our mantra: no war in Iran, no war in North Korea. I know the future will be dismal but… we need to be proactive and progressive.

VPs aren’t incumbents. Incumbents are usually successful.

I beg her pardon.

When she’s President, Liberal, when she’s President…

Her answer was actually much more intelligent than you’ve summarized it. She correctly identified the original meaning of the world liberal, but then went on to say that the word has changed in recent decades to connote big-government supporters.

Why is Gravel getting such little air time?! Not that Im a supporter but it definitely seems unfair.

Oh, god! What the hell? I can’t believe some of the videos they’re showing.

The “two sides of the coin” video was creative, the snowman concerned about global warming, and a few others that probably will be shown on CNN again, some that probably will not.

Two provocative questions:

  1. Gravel, you stated that the war in Vietnam was in vain. Do you think the same about the war in Iraq? (Gravel did actually get some questions and airtime) He answered very passionately that the war in Iraq is in vain. He said, “the only thing worst than having a soldier killed in Iraq is more solders killed in Iraq”.

  2. In 28 years, we’ve had either a Clinton or a Bush in the White House. How does having a democracy square with having two political families in power? Answered by Clinton. She surprized me, and the audience, with her response: “I agree. Bush shouldn’t have been in the White House. I don’t even think he was actually elected President.”

I really enjoyed this debate forum. I think it was done with the interests of the american people in place which is exactly the way it should be!

Agreed, i liked the debate also. I really enjoyed some of the questions, especially the “not black enough or feminine enough” question and their answers.

Gravel is just getting really annoying, someone should tell that madman that he is just embarrassing.

I am not sure if I have enough of a stomach to watch the republicans, its amazing that they still concern themselves with insanity questions like evolution, its like they are from a different country…

This is a rather condescending thing to say.

Not condescending. Realistic. I’ve lived long enough to know a political tactic when I see one. If politicians were interested in serving the people, the people wouldn’t still be clamoring to have so many things fixed. How many decades does it take to fix something?

Every fucking four-year cycle is filled with the same bullshit promises. THE EXACT SAME — make America safe, fix social security, save the children, restore the credibility of the White House, work with Congress for change, and yadda yadda yadda.

And every four years, a whole new wide-eyed generation of former 14-year-olds have reached voting age, and they’re hearing all the bullshit for the first time. They don’t know that generations ahead of them have fallen for the same bait, and that it has only been modernized to suck them in.

So you’d argue that the entire dog and pony show was just a political tactic?

Jeez, let youth have their damn excitement. Soon enough they’ll be “realistic” like you. But in the mean time, whatever gets them interested and involved, so be it.

Talk about threadshitting.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. I certainly took no offense.

I was going to make a joke about Internet memes asking questions to the debates, but I see I don’t have to:

(Link intentionally deactivated since it includes an tiny, almost incomprihensible, but disturbing image of an infamous Internet meme. Copy and paste at your own risk.)

Basically, at the end of one of the videos, the infamous “Goatse” image- a depiction of a man stretching his anus- appeared for less than a second. Clinton and Obama apparently winced at the image.

Addendum: it’s a fake.

As Jon Stewart pointed out, having the questions come from YouTube instead of a more traditional moderator didn’t keep candidates from falling back on their same old canned answers.