CNN's Situation Room--Wolf is off today!

I’m not sure whether this belongs in Cafe Society or not, so if it is better suited for that forum, mods, please forgive me :slight_smile:

I’m watching the Situation Room right now and, thank og, Wolf Blitzer isn’t hosting. He really gets under my skin.

It’s not, uh, that he, uh, isn’t a decent, uh, reporter, but he, uh, just uses too many, uh, vocalized pauses in his, uh, speech. Plus his intonation, uh, just makes it sound like he isn’t quite sure, uh, what’s going on.

Does this bother anyone else? I used to be in broadcasting (a DJ, to be specific) and I know that if I had an aircheck that sounded like the typical Wolf segment, I would get a talking to about show prep.

I like Wolf Blitzer. The only thing that bothers me about him is his disastrous performance on Celebrity Jeopardy! . . . he finished over $6000 in the hole!