Coach's polls vs. RPI...accuracy?

There are generally some significant differences in NCAAB rankings between polls completed by humans and polls calculated by computers.

I’m trying to find a study of some sort that tries to show that one way or the other is more accurate when the final tournament results are in

Has anyone tried to set a point value for each team’s final level? For example, if you are in the NCAA tourney, and are eliminated in the first round, you get 1 point, etc. up to the championship game, 7 points. But, if the ranking you previously had, pre-tourney, said you should win that game, and you lost…only half the points for that level.

Holes in that, I know. does someone have a better way to evaluate the accuracy of the RPI vs. coach’s polls?

I know one hole is that when the coach’s and writers do their ranking, they probably look at the RPI for some amount of guidance. So, further, the study should have a way of comparing how accurate either method is, versus the actual final result.

okay, nobody cares. How about we make it easier…

Using the three major polls, for NCAAB, how many times did a higher rated team defeat a lower rated one in the 2013 postseason NCAA tournament?

do I have to do all the work here? Where are the interns?

Ask some coaches, off the record, and most will probably admit candidly that they never fill out their own ballots. They routinely hand off their ballots to an assistant coach, a secretary, or a PR man and say, “Here, do this, I don’t have time.”

And it doesn’t really matter anyway. Coaches, secretaries, and PR men all follow roughly the same procedure: Look at who was in the top 20 last week, drop the guys who lost a few notches, and move everyone else up a few notches. Not exactly scientific.

Not that I take the computers much more seriously. But at least the stat geeks are TRYING.

Yes, I don’t have a clue why coaches would have an informed opinion about teams they haven’t been exposed to. You’re right.

Sportswriters? That seems reasonable, but overall, I suspect the computer predicts the post season better than any human poll.