Coast Guard to sink Japanese Ghost Ship

Story here. It’s a fishing boat that’s been drifting in the Pacific since the tsunami last year.

Strangely, the Coast Guard decided against putting a small team (including a child, a large breasted woman, and perhaps a puppy) on the Ghost ship and then sailing away while they deal with whatever tsunami-created horrors are still living on board. Instead, they’re just going to blow the shit out of it with gunnery. Which has to be the first time the Coast Guard has done that for several decades.

That’s probably why they chose that course of action. They need the practice.

Apparently there is a lot of Japanese junk that is due to show up on the west coast of North America soon - I watched a story about it on the news, that the Japanese government is asking for precious items to be returned to Japan. Is it small of me to be a little annoyed that they want us to sort through the garbage (which we will pay to have looked after) and pay to send stuff back to Japan?

Finders keepers!

That’s because it appears to be a ghost ship, not a g-g-g-ghost ship. However there’s still time for an interesting horror movie scenario to break out: the Coast Guard wants to sink the ship, but Canadian fisherman have claimed salvage rights and want to try to tow it away.

Sort through 1.5 million tonnes of débris? Yike.

(And yet, a small voice is reminding me that that débris is all that remains of many peoples’ lives…)

It’s the beginning of the Great War with Canada! That will provide a welcome relief from all that Middle Eastern bullshit they keep showing on TV.

Godzilla vs Canadian Mounties. I’d pay good money to see that show eh.

The smart, sensible character (usually a girl with glasses, often also the one with the large breasts) typically says that about a quarter of the way into the film.

It would have turned out to be Old Man Jenkins in a rubber mask anyway. This way it saves time and Scooby Snacks.

It might look like a rusting hulk in the pictures, but a year of floating unmaintained will create surface rust. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Canadian fisherman climbed aboard and started it up after a little bit of work. It doesn’t appear to be listing at all, and you can still see the bow bulb.

According to the article Marley posted, the boat was going to be scapped before it washed away, so I doubt the salvage is worth much.

The Canadians couldn’t tow the ship, so the Coast Guard has blasted it and the presumed radioactive ghost monsters straight to hell.


Radioactive ghose monsters like hell.

And now they know about our world too.

Learn someting ev’ry day. I always though of rednecks as landlubbers, not in big ocean-going boats, because you know they had this conversation., “Ya know, Bubba, if we say it ‘poses a serious threat to other vessels in the region*’ then we get to shoot the shit outta it!” :smiley:

  • direct quote from the article

IIRC a few years back when some Cuban boat people converted an old Buick into a boat, after being intercepted/rescued the USCG also got to sink it as a hazard.

Nobody’s asking you to help. Hopefully there will be some people in the US with greater compassion than you who will perform this act of kindness.

Yes it is very small of you, this isn’t something that the Japanese intentionally dumped into the ocean. This is the result of a disaster.

I don’t know what condition that ship was in prior to the tsunami, but when I look at the photos of that ship, I’m struck by what one year without maintenance does to a ship. It’s really astounding to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘a little bit of work’ really means ‘more work than you might think’. I wonder what the level of effort is to keep a ship like that in good condition actually is in both labor and material costs.

Yeah, I can see that side, too - their natural disaster was the earthquake and tsunami, and Canada and the US’s disasters are going to be all that junk showing up here.