Coathanger Abortions?

  • Okay, this is fairly gross, but it has become a matter of bebate:
      • What methods have you heard of for performing a coathanger abortion? The only one I have heard of was to bend it into a long thin loop with the hook at one end, insert the loop end (the loop has to be bent properly), push on one wire (opening the loop inside), maneuver around unwanted kid, and pull. (There’s other minor details, but they’re not important here)
  • Now I’m not about to say that this is safe to do (moral issues aside) but someone I know insists that the hook end is inolved; I keep telling them they are nuts. I mean, I don’t KNOW, it’s not something I have known anyone personally to do; but the one who told me is in the medical field and would have likely heard of associated ER cases. Anybody else know? - MC

The requirements are as follows:

(Incredibly dangerous and illegal “medical procedure” deleted - Nickrz)
(Legal is better.)

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mmm… That has got to be among the least tasteful jokes I’ve ever heard.

Using a coathanger as a homemade curette? (UGH!) I thought the idea was simply to use the end of the wire to puncture the amniotic sack. Don’t try this at home; or anywhere for that matter.

***awldune: {{mmm… That has got to be among the least tasteful jokes I’ve ever heard.}}

Why, thank you. It’s nice to know the audience appreciates one’s efforts.

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“(Incredibly dangerous and illegal “medical procedure” deleted - Nickrz)”

One of those rare instances where censorship was probably warranted.
Good call, Nick.

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