Coca Cola and Cocaine.

What does Coca-Cola do with all the cocaine they derive from their main ingredient, Coca leaves? (That is the cocaine they take out of their product. I’m not saying Coca Cola contains cocaine.)

Thank you in advance to all who reply :slight_smile:

I thought this was going to be the typical question but you got it right. Everyone seems to have the Coke=Cocaine factoid as a favorite but they almost always get it backwards.

It is a good question. I know that Coke is very popular in much of Latin America. Cocaine gets imported from Latin America. That is all you need to know isn’t it?

Would that be the same thing that Pepsi does with the “pep”? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s sold to drug companies for use in anesthetics.

Coke doesn’t do anything with it. The New Jersey company Stepan decoconizes the leaves and sells the cocaine for medical purposes.

It’s not used in nasal surgery also? :smiley:

If I remember correctly, it is used as an anesthetic for a lot of nasal surgeries. It is used in far too small of doses to have the desired recreational effect though.

Because it’s one of the few topical anesthetics that is also vasoconstrictive. Numbs your nose and closes off the capillaries at the same time. [/Kipling major in India] The nose is a bloody place to operate. [/Kipling major in India]

Apparently the “pepsi” in “Pepsi-Cola” comes from “pepsin”, although I don’t know if Pepsi ever contained that enzyme. I’ll bet it doesn’t now.
I was really surprised to see old ads for “Seven-up” that advertise it as “the lithiated soda”. 7-up used to contain lithium salts. I wonder if anyone ever tried to see wehat effect that had on old long-time 7-Up drinkers. Seven up certainly doesn’t have it now – they brag about their ingredients.

It’s worth recalling that the old sodas and soft drinks have patent-medicine roots, and may have surprising pasts. The New England staple, Moxie (popular in N.E., although its headquarters is down south) used to brag about being made from extracts of some unnnamed herb.

Yeah, I think I knew that. The anesthetics were for my neuroscience test on Friday; those were already out of my mind because I was studying for an ID test when I originally posted.