Coca Cola Cherry Zero

At the grocery store the other day I found something called “Coca Cola Cherry Zero.”

I’ve always liked Coca Cola Zero, and I figured this would be the ‘cherry flavored’ version of that, so I tried some.

I thought this would be different than “Diet Cherry Coke.” I thought that the idea with this “Coca Cola Cherry Zero” would be to more closely follow the original Cherry Coke recipe, just as the idea with Coke Zero was to follow the original Coca Cola recipe more closely than Diet Coke.

I like it, but I can’t tell if its different that Diet Cherry Coke or not. (Its been a while since I had it.) I think its the same–in other words, that it’s not a new formula but just the same one relabeled–but I’m not sure.

I can find no mention of this product online.

Does anyone know whether this is a new flavor in addition to diet cherry coke, or rather, whether it is simply a relabeling of diet cherry coke?


My understanding is that Diet Cherry Coke is made with NutraSweet, while Cherry Coke Zero is made from Splenda.

Actually, there is a separate “Diet Coke with Splenda” (aka sucralose) product. Coke Zero has a mix of aspartame (Nutrasweet) and acesulfame potassium (AceK).

It took a lot of searching through their websites, but here’s a PDF comparing nutrition and showing mg of caffeine, various sweeteners, etc.. Unfortunately it’s not updated with the new Coke Zero Cherry.

CCZ is sweetened with a combination of NutraSweet and AceK.

Speaking of Zero brand drinks, I must say that Pibb Zero is the nectar of the gods.

That is all.

I am opposed to Pibb drinks of the basis of it not being Dr Pepper, but I’d love to give Pibb Zero a shot. I’ve just never seen it around here.

seriously, I would definitely try Pibb Zero… Coke Zero and Sprite Zero helped me lose 20 lbs relatively painlessly, and I am hooked on the “Zero” drinks… is Mr. Pibbs available in Pennsylvania?

I’ve tried getting into Coke Zero in the interest of fighting my expanding waistline but mostly stuck with my all-time fave Cherry Coke. We just got Cherry Coke Zero in my area (st louis) a few weeks ago. I love it. Way better than CZ, taste isn’t so far off from CC, and drinking a couple of them after supper doesn’t keep me awake til 2 a.m.

Why is Mr. Pibb all Xtra or Xtreem or whatever it is now? What happened to regular Mr. Pibb?
I just saw a CCZ can on Monday. I’ll have to try it out sometime.

Pibb Zero is only available in a few states with no plans to extend distribution. STUPID coke, this is so STUPID. It’s an amazing product, and you fucked it up by not making it national. (Can’t get it in Oregon, can you tell?) I think it’s only in Kansas, Oklahoma and parts of Texas.

Pibb Xtra is Mr. Pibb. Nothing different but the name. Pibb isn’t available on the East Coast, asfaik.

Got Pibb Zero here in Denver… Freaking Awesome stuff. Seems like I’d better stock up.

(from WikiPedia):

I’m in Wisconsin and it ends up on my local supermarket shelves with regularity and I first saw it last year. Now I’m worried; I may have to stock up myself.

I like Dr. Pepper too but Mr. Pibb was always a sentimental favorite and I really have no idea why. I hadn’t had a Pibb for years because I only drink diet soda. I think I may literally have squealed with glee when I saw it in the store.