Coca-Cola versus beer.

I was wondering what has more calories, a can of soda (Coke, Pepsi, Dr.Pepper etc.) or a can of beer. Which is more fattening?

Would it just be better to drink a beer and get the alcohol buzz benefit than the caffiene?

Interested in a diet plan for myself.

Calorie-wise there is probably not that much difference…but I don’t think a lot of people feel the need to drink a 12 pack of coke while they are surfing porn on the internet. Maybe that is the reason you never hear of someone have a “coke” belly vs a beer belly.

I happen to have an empty 12oz can of Coca Cola and a 12oz bottle of Michelob Ultra Low Carbohydrate.

Coke: 140 Calories, Carb: 39.0g
Mich: 95 Calories, Carb: 2.6g

Yes, but the OP wanted to compare a soda to beer :smiley:

Yeah, well only light beer has (by FDA law) Calorie information. I don’t think Budweiser Rice ‘beer’ has more than 120 Calories or so. Let’s burn a case and see how much heat is released!

Meanwhile, we’ll share a case of Grolsch swing-tops.

If you’re interested in a diet plan, here’s a real simple one: don’t drink your calories. Liquids won’t satisfy you, but they will provide energy for your body to burn or store, depending on how high your overall intake is.

That said, you’re actually asking two different questions in the portion of your post that I’ve quoted. Caffeine and alcohol both have nasty effects on your endocrine system that are bad news if you’re looking to diet, regardless of the calories.

Alcohol leads to a rise in estrogen levels in men. Estrogen, as you may know, is the female hormone that gives women those lovely fat deposits on their chests, butts, and arms. It’s also responsible for preventing them from being able to put on a lot of muscle. Here’s something that may not be surprising: it does the same thing in men, and it’ll even strip away the muscle you do have, which will dampen your metabolism. Bad news.

Interestingly, alcohol also raises testosterone levels in women, which explains why so many women get horny after a few drinks.

Caffeine, on the other hand, impairs your insulin sensitivity. Chronic impaired insulin sensitivity is generally known as type II diabetes. Worse yet, caffeine impairs the insulin sensitivity of skeletal muscle more than it does fat, so it makes it easier to add more fat. Soda has a bit of caffeine, and quite a bit of sugar, which adds up to a bad combination.

I’d also be concerned with the acidity of soda as well, but that’s pretty minor when you take into account the caffeine. There’s research indicating that moderate alcohol intake is actually good for you, but those studies tend to use red wine, and it’s still not clear whether red grape juice is as good or better.

Bottom line: don’t drink your calories, like I said above. But given the choice between a beer or a soda, a beer is probably the lesser of the two evils.

That’s just silly, how are you supposed to know if it’s lower in calories then??? You need something to compare it against!

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Silly?! Any alcoholic beverage that purports to be ‘light’ has to show what kind of caloric heat is released when you burn it. Dunno if it’s a law - but any ‘ice’ beer has to reveal the alcohol content.

I still think swingtop Grolsch (did I spell it right this time?) is the best beer. It’s certainly cool.

Coca-cola is considered a ‘food’ so they duly note their content. There is no cane sugar in Coca-Cola anymore.

I’ve brewed beer and carbonated it with sugar.


When I was taking classes at the local college to learn to be a drug & alcohol counsellor, we were told about what causes a “beer belly”. Apparently, there is an abdominal membrane that essentially “holds your guts in”. It’s between the intestines and the abdominal muscles. Alcohol causes this membrane to deteriorate over time, allowing your guts to push out against your abdomen.

A true “beer belly” is firmer to the touch than a roll of fat would be.

So this means it’s actually okay for me to drink like a fish even though I’m dieting? Cool!

And now I have my hands over my ears and am singing, “lalalala” so as not to hear any qualifying statements.

I do not believe this. I also don’t believe I’ve ever said this before, but…cite?

Nope, nothing there but the abdominal muscles.

Beer belly is caused by eating loads of shit foods when you’re drunk. The actual beer doesnt give you the belly. That’s what I’ve been told anyway.

I went to the Sam Adams website once, and got caloric figures for their beer. I seem to recall that a normal beer was about 200 calories, if not a little less.

Drink five of those after a reasonable day of eating, and you’ll get fat from the beer alone.

Wow … as a coffee-addicted Type 2 (insulin requiring) diabetic, I’ve never heard this before … so I gotta ask … cite?

(Not that it’s likely to make a difference :rolleyes: )


Nothing like a rolleyes smiley to show you care. When I provide a cite, are you just going to slink off and pretend it never happened?

Anyway, here is the article I’ve taken my warnings from. John’s a PhD candidate in Exercise and Nutritional Biochemistry at the University of Western Ontario, so he’s got pretty good credentials.

While this isn’t the study in question, it does reference the fact that caffeune has been shown to acutely decrease insulin sensitivity. While it does also mention that coffee leads to a decreased risk of type II diabetes, a reduction of insulin sensitivity in skeletal muscles is still a bad thing, IMO.

(Also, have a look here for more info.)

Preview, preview, preview…

Well yes, probably … that’s why I was :rolleyes:ing at myself. I just know nothing will come between me and my coffee. :slight_smile:

Many thanks for the cites ultrafilter - I truly appreciate it, and I’ll have a read through them tomorrow (it’s past midnight here in the UK, and in spite of all the coffee I drink I’m half asleep already, so I’m off to bed).

Juliezzzzzzzzz :smiley:

Hey, no problem. The last article is pretty information-dense, so be prepared to do some thinking.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the body burn alcohol calories first, then glucose, followed by fat and protein (muscle)?

If I’m right then wouldn’t it be less harmful calorie-wise to drink sugar than alcohol?

Hopefully someone with smarts will come along and iron out my nonesense :slight_smile: