Cocaine in the movies

Does anyone know what actors do when they have to snort cocaine in a movie? Do they snort some sort of substitute powdery substance–which seems like it might hurt–or is there another way of simulating snortage without actually ingesting? I figure it’s possible to have a small vacuum of some sort at the top end of a rolled-up dollar bill that inhales the coke for them but I don’t know if this actually exists. Anyone know?


I remember reading an interview a long time ago with Michael J. Fox where he was talking about some movie that he had just made. In it, his character snorted coke and they used dehydrated milk as a substitute. He said that during the filming of the movie, he caught a cold and when he was out to dinner one night, the dehydrated milk mixed with all the snot in his nose and it looked like milk was pouring out of his nostrils.

I have no idea what the movie was called, but I always remembered this story.

Actually, they use the real thing (Oh, you ment ON camera! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: )
They must use milk sugar, or something like that. Thisreminds me of when I was in summer camp, (about 9 or 10 years old) somehow we got it in our heads to snort Pixi-Styx ™. Big mistake. The most painful expirence of my life, our noses ran for days afterwards. Don’t try that one at home.

“Bright Lights, Big City”

You’re welcome.
My friends and I used to crush up SweetTarts™ and snort them. Hilarity ensued.

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That’s right kids–be sure you only snort real cocaine!

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