cockroach control (kitchen appliance)

I have, over the years, come to resign myself to the fact that I do not have the energy or moral fortitude to do the hard work that would be necessary to completely eliminate cockroaches from my home. My efforts to breed a superintelligent species of cockroach to whom I could communicate that they would do well to remove themselves from the apartment have proven unsuccessful.

Still and all, I harbor a belief that it is possible to keep them out of the appliances on the counter. I have had success with the coffee maker by keeping a paper towel drenched in Raid under the appliance. This prevents the cockroaches from surviving any attempt to enter the coffeemaker from below.

As far as the toaster is concerned, I have safety-related concerns with the thought of placing a paper towel under a heat source of this type. Would it be safe (and effective) to sprinkle boric acid powder on the counter beneath the toaster?

Thanks for any responses.

I fear what the effects of the fumes might be on you. I hope someone comes along with either a better idea, or evidence that my fears are unfounded.

Roach-pruf aka Borax. The Master speaks:

*Calm yourself and pay attention to your Uncle Cecil. There are two proven approaches to dealing with la cucaracha: (1) borax, and (2) arson. Assuming your landlord objects to the latter line of attack, hie yourself down to the basement and mix up the following recipe: 4 parts borax, 2 parts flour, and 1 part cocoa powder.

Now, you may regard borax as “pansy-ass,” but that’s because you’re young and ignorant and haven’t yet grasped the subtleties of Total Insect Warfare, which requires fanatical dedication. You must mix up oodles of this stuff and apply it with the enthusiasm of Robert S. McNamara dumping Agent Orange on the Mekong Delta. Pour it in a continuous line along the walls. Put an extra dose under sinks and around kitchen cabinets. Hell, fill your damned house to a depth of one foot with the stuff. The little bastards will die piteously, I promise.*

Now, I find Uncle Cece’s addition of cocoa and flour to be extra messy (but it’s damn cheap). I like the simple Roach-Prufe stuff in the duster bottle, which is much easier to apply (altho not as cheap).

Follow Cecil’s instructions to the letter: Pour it in a continuous line along the walls. Put an extra dose under sinks and around kitchen cabinets.

Then wait. It takes about a month or three, but death is certain.

Also what is nice, t*hat unless ingested in large quantities, *this stuff is more or less harmless to humans and most pets.


You gave me flashbacks. :frowning:

I hate roaches.

Some years ago I lived in a duplex and some truly filthy people moved into the other side. :mad: The roach population exploded. It was horrible. I was afraid to sleep at night without covering my head. I put down every poison known to mankind (including Roach Pruf), but there were just too many of them. If I set off a fogger, I’d come home and sweep up a pile of dead roaches. As soon as the fumes died down, more would come.

I think the most terrifying experience I had was one evening I had some chicken livers cooking on my stovetop. I left the room for a minute and when I returned to the kitchen, roaches were clustered on the wall right next to the stove. :eek: It was like the flies in the Amityville Horror. I almost screamed. It made me sick to my stomach.

When I moved out of that place I cleaned and inspected everything I owned before I put it in the moving truck. Then I set off two foggers in the truck just to make sure I wasn’t taking any of the nasty little (expletive of your choice) with me to my new place.

That’s actually a good idea, not because you’d be transporting adults, but because of the eggs waiting to start a new population.

(Wait … do foggers actually work on egg cases, or just the roaches themselves?)

** full-body shudder **
(I used to have rats as pets and look forward to the day I own my first snake. Nothing, nothing on this green earth is creepy or gross … except roaches.)

DO NOT USE SPRAYS. Roaches walk through the residue, then into a bait, and the bait is contaminated. Once a bait is contaminated, other roaches won’t touch it. Using only bait, roaches eat it, carry it back to the nest, and roaches will feed off dead roaches if they’re not contaminated with sprays. Within a week or so, you’ll start seeing roaches with shriveled black egg cases. Within a month, you’ll be roach free - and so will your neighbors if you can get some of the baits in the walls.

Put the baits everywhere - in cabinets, behind and under appliances, etc. The gentrol gets to them where they hide and destroys their ability to breed. Place them on the wall under cabinets and such.

This stuff is a little expensive, but it really does work. I have been totally roach free for over 8 years now.

Moved here a few years back and had some issues with roaches. Borax, as others have mentioned, really worked well.

The first summer, I put out baits and it seemed to help a bit, but i’d still see one occasionally. Since using borax…none.

Give your kitchen a good cleaning. Move the refrigerator and stove if possible and clean the floors underneath. If you buy sugar, transfer it to some type of sealed container instead of just putting the bags in the cabinet. I put a line of borax along all the corners, but underneath the stove and fridge I just coated the floor in powder.

borrow my kitten - she just loves roaches ~crunch ~crunch ~ crunch

Especially in the kitchen, I would do as others suggest and go the bait/borax route. Using insecticides in your food prep area is a little horrifying. Diatomaceous earth is another option. I have a light dusting of it in my kitchen and bathroom cabinets - but for your case of a real infestation, that should only be in conjunction with a bait system.

And seriously, if you’re of the mind that it’s too much work (or just beaten down from fruitless effort), it’s not that crazy expensive to get an exterminator. If you’re in an apartment, and the landlord isn’t taking care of things, then contact your local tenant’s association to help you and other tenants put your collective feet down on the matter. In all my renting life, since 1993, I’ve seen a total of 5 cockroaches. I’m pretty darned happy with that. But - still - I put down the DE, just in case. Well, there are those centipedes, too!

Hello guys,

I have recently moved to Sydney with my family and living in a rented house which is very old. From so many days I found that there are so many cockroaches roaming all around. I have used various chemical sprays to get rid of them but I didn’t get good results.

Now please suggest me some best pest control services in Sydney.

Thanks in advance.