Codgers - if you don't want people on your lawn, don't live next to a golf course

And if someone does get on your lawn, don’t shoot them:

Golfer, dog shot in Denison country club neighborhood

From another story I read on this, his backyard faced the golf course and comments indicated there was no fence.

And the dog is going to be ok.

There are evidently a considerable number of people who think it’d be wonderful to live in a house backing onto a golf course. I’ve never understood why having strangers constantly peering into or actually wandering onto your property is so desirable, not to mention stray shots zooming in.

The home where I grew up was across from the 6th green of a public course. The hole was a 99-yarder, the green was way down a steep embankment out of sight of our house and there was a 10-foot chain link fence, two sidewalks and a busy two-lane road separating us from the green. You’d have to hit about a 220-yard drive to somehow reach our property, but occasionally we’d find golf balls on the lawn.

Oh, and what sort of idiot takes their dog golfing?

These people are apparently golfers.

A blind golfer?

I thought the blind golfers went at night.

There are people who like going out to strip clubs but are not dumb enough to want to live next to one.

I don’t understand the mentality of Texans (it always seems to be Texans) shooting people who walk peacefully onto their property.

Not to make light of the situation, but this:

doesn’t exactly strike me as an example of a well-considered plan.

It was a bit reckless, because someone who shoots stray dogs near where people are playing golf is likely to be several cards short of the full deck. However, it doesn’t seem to be a good reason for getting shot as well.

I’m more baffled by the dog on the golf course than by shooting at trespassers. I’ve never seen a dog on a golf course. (I don’t golf, but I used to live near a course and saw plenty of golfers.) Do courses allow this? It seems like it would be bad for the course.

Furthermore, it sounds like the first shot was at the dog, not at a person. Did the dog run on the guy’s lawn? Was it running unleashed? The guy’s lucky one of the other golfers didn’t plug him.

It gets better - we now have a little more detail on what actually happened:

Let’s file this under “Things not to say to a guy with a gun”

Hey, I’m a Texan, and I’ve never shot ANYONE. Despite all the missionaries, door-to-door sales people, and beggars that I’ve had. Now, when my neighbor was in the habit of waking me up at the break of dawn to complain that my dogs were barking at the people who wandered up to my house the night before…I did answer the door in my underwear, carrying one of my husband’s long guns (shotgun? rifle? don’t know or care), but that’s because I’d told her that she needed to come around in the afternoon. If my dogs had been barking at random, then she’d have been justified in coming to the door at that moment. But I always checked, and they never barked unless there was actually someone who was close to the gate or the house.

Now then, I never said that all Texans shoot people. I’ve been to Texas a couple of times, and none of the Texans that I saw shot anyone while I was there. I was just that, whenever you hear of some one being shot just for walking on someone’s lawn, it always seems to be in Texas.

Well, we DO issue a sixgun to everyone when they’re born here, but those who move here have to buy their own.

Seriously, Texas is a VERY large state, and we have a lot of myths and legends and even some true stories about our history. This appeals to a certain type of person, who will move here and promptly start buying guns, and look for an excuse to use them.

For the record, I hate football and most country music, as well. But I love bluebonnets!

Hell, I live in Texas AND I live on a golf course, and I’ve never shot ANYONE.

And I’d rather shoot myself than listen to country “music”.