Coffee and blood pressure

If one had high blood pressure and if one’s doctor said discontinue coffee how long does it take for the blood pressure to change? And how much?

I assume there are many causes for hypertension. I am only asking about coffee.

My doctor claims that the spike in blood pressure after drinking coffee is very short-lived (like under an hour) and shouldn’t ordinarily be a factor in whether or not a person has high blood pressure. I have no idea if that’s correct, though.

It’s not that caffeine causes chronic high blood pressure. As needscoffee, said, caffeine causes short term spikes in blood pressure. The problem is that if you already have high blood pressure, the caffeine may cause it to spike to dangerous levels. Giving up caffeine by itself is not going to lower your blood pressure on a permanent basis. I have severe high blood pressure (controlled with medication), and I was told to give up caffeine, which I did to avoid any potential problems.

Here’s an article on caffeine and high blood pressure from the Mayo Clinic.