Coffee for 'tasteless' people

What’s the difference, tastefully speaking, between coffee already in a can, or the kind that you grind yourself. I believe that my own personal tasting abilities are below average, so I can’t tell any difference. What’s the straight dope?

oh where to begin.

There’s a lot to be said for how the coffee is brewed. What method you use and even what kind of brewer. Is the brewer clean or is it the office brewer? How old is it? How long has the coffee been sitting in the pot?

But to answer specifically, often times not much. To the untrained palatte, there isn’t much difference. I find folgers to be a bit stale tasting. I don’t need a coffee to be all hazel nutty goodness, but I shouldn’t be drinking raw sewage just to get a caffeine fix.

Hey, I finally get to bring up a friend’s website:

That should help answer a few questions you might have.