Coincidental Ending to a Dream

Has this ever happened to you (or something similar)? This morning I dreamed that I looked at my alarm clock and it said 10:36, my brain thinks OH MY GOSH! I’ve slept late! I wake up and look at the alarm clock and it says 8:36. I don’t remember what led up to that point in my dream, but is there a chance I actually looked at the alarm clock while dreaming and just missed the digits before the colon? Or is it all just coincidence?


Yes, it’s possible you looked up and your short term memory didn’t kick in and save it for when you woke.
I am often awakened by things I half-catch. My phone is one of them. Will spend the night in a pants pocket, and when I awake I think I had dreamed the phone rang. I shake it off and go start my dat, and the next time I open the phone it has the screen reading Missed Call at the time I got up. I had heard it but didn’t believe it.