Colbert 4/19

I couldn’t disagree more. Colbert is the only person on TV who can make me laugh out loud on a daily basis. Last night, the bit with Shakespeare on The W0rd was hilarious, esp. the “To be, or not to be” part. I find him much funnier than TDS, which is hit or miss for me and too dependent on who the correspondents are that night. Colbert offers a much more consistently funny show, mostly because it’s just him, in all his glory.

Also, somehow, that Stephen Jr. eagle bit remains funny to me. He’s pulling it off.

If you think that the eagle bit is funny, then we have diametically opposite views on humor. Man, that’s lame.

I thought it was funny when he was going off an Tom Cruise for “stealing his thunder” on the offspring issue. But then again, it’s always funny when someone makes fun of Tom Cruise.

I also thought his over-the-top birth announcement was pretty good, especially the “it’s a boy,” but I doubt we’ll see any of the eaglet next week