Colbert/TDS 1/30

Heh. The WORD: Abortion. I’ve got a solution both sides can live with. … <crickets chirping> and then the spin into a Bushesque Q&A.

My favorite part though was with Annie Duke when she asked if he was a great player at poker…or D&D?? He really couldn’t stay in character for that.

Let me know if you can tell what kind of hand I have… HOLY SHIT!!
(Even better that Jon Stewart asking Randy Jackson about the guy with the groin [Constantine] who got his wife pregnant through the TV!)

I don’t TiVo Colbert (although it seems entertaining), but I thought TDS last night was absolutely BRILLIANT.

First of all, the comparison of Oprah and the national press holding people accountable for lies was just great. And then:

Bush: I have no doubt in my mind that it makes us safer
John Stewart (as Bush): In fact, let me shorten that. I have no doubt in my mind. Heh heh heh.


Very good episodes from each show. Offhand, I can’t think of another night when they’ve both been “on” like that.

I enjoyed Colbert’s Google search history.

I thought that was Stewart: “I didn’t have to talk during that, did I. You all just read along”

Different google bit.

Jon did a bit about Google caving to the Chinese government and censoring searches to be allowed to operate in China.

Colbert did a bit wagging his finger at Google for not caving to the US government and giving out peoples’ information - and he gave his search history to lead by example.

I believe I saw “anti-bear legislation” in the list.

I now have a huge crush on Annie Duke.

I remember people talking about Colbert’s geek quotient in another thread. He really put it out front there.

She’s the Rachel Ray of Poker.

Poke 'er? Nah, I’m gay. Larry might, though.

Yeah, was it he or Steve Carrell that was recorded reciting the lineage of LOTR characters.

That was Colbert

Rachel Ray is too wholesome and perky for me. Annie Duke seems more like someone who’d have a drink with you in a dark gothy obscure hard rock playing bar. Of course we have on the one hand cooking (wholesome) and on the other gambling (sinful).

It was the “Are we playing poker or Dungeons and Dragons?” line that did it for me.