Colbert 6/22

At the risk of bringing in the folks who have no sense of humor, I’m starting this one anyway.

Colbert is on a freaking ROLL tonight. The Stephen Hawking bit with Heninger…my God but that was funny.
The Word was great too. I was disappointed that the crowd didn’t laugh as much. I love those little jokes…“Don’t know the hour or the day” for example. Funny! Not hysterical, but funny.
In any case, just starting the Better Know a District Segment. Thought I’d start this up. Whaddya think?

He’s great. He keeps getting better and better. It’s such a good complement to the Daily Show as well.

The entire show was damned good, I say.

I think he’s better than the Daily Show. (I can’t stand Jon Stewart’s smarminess – which seems genuine, as opposed to Colbert’s buffoon variety.) Tonight’s episode was pretty good, though the Better Know a District bit was a bit tame. There was an excellent one the other night though, when he was interviewing a Southern congressman who had signed a bill supporting the display of the Ten Commandments…and he couldn’t name more than three of them. Classic. Colbert rocks.

Yessir. That was priceless. I really liked the cold open he screwed up a day or so ago. He tripped over the name of his show and swore loudly. Props to them for leaving that in even though they could’ve fixed it since they’re live-to-tape.

Oh, and I meant to add: I really believe that the Report is closer the original essence of Jon Stewart’s Daily Show. TDS actually gained a reputation for being irreverant as well as straightforward; now I believe it’s the other way around. Colbert can be as silly as it wants to be. The Report doesn’t have the expectations to weigh it down and I think that is its advantage.

This is probably true. The Daily Show’s success has gotten to its head since it hit the big-time and they started getting magazine covers and Jon Stewart hosted the Oscars. Here’s hoping Colbert remains popular enough not to get cancelled, but overlooked enough to have to fight for it.

Yeah, that’d be ideal. I just don’t believe there is a middle ground on tv, particularly cable tv. It just isn’t good to middlin’, y’know?

Wow. I’m just catching the repeat, and that’s one of the best opening segments/Wørds ever. (My favorite was the Shakespeare one.) And I called The Wørd tonight! That’s only the second time I’ve got it right.

He handled it really well, too. When the intro graphics ended, he said something like “The name of this show is not ‘The Colbert Oh Fuck,’ [or whatever he said], it’s ‘The Colbert Report.’”

Cut and Run was pretty obvious, right? That was maybe…maybe the second time I’ve predicted it too. It made sense.

Yeah, it was. The “athletes are above the law” one was equally obvious, since the joke was something like “some people are saying that this sends the message that athletes are above the law.” But hey, I’ve seen almost every episode and only called it twice, so I’ll take what I can get.

10,000 monkeys and a long (Columbus Day) weekend and they come up with a Dan Brown. Unfortunately they smeared most of it on the wall.


I belive it was only 10 monkeys.

I, for one, fully support the STEPHEN COLBERT Act of 2006!