Colbert as Branson

Steven just did a bit made up like Richard Branson. In lieu of kite surfing with a nude woman on his back, he ran a vacuum cleaner with a nude woman on his back. Was it really a woman, or a life-like mannequin? She/it didn’t really show much movement.

No, that’s an actual woman. You can see her feet move around, and later in the shoot she appeared to slip down his back somewhat. And Colbert balanced on top of her while vacuuming, which doesn’t seem like it would have been a smart thing to do if he was on top of a mannequin.

When I saw the thread title, I thought he had done a piss-take on Serene Branson’s neurological misfire at the Grammys and was shocked that they would go that low.

Glad it ain’t so!

Fortunately not, and I loved Colbert’s Branson wig and goatee. I don’t think The Daily Show or Colbert would say anything about Serene Branson unless someone else in the news media says something cruel or idiotic about it.