Colbert slams Laura Ingraham tonight

Laura Ingraham on tonight’s Colbert Report. What the hell did she think was going to happen? :smiley:

Initial thoughts:

1.) Colbert is hilarious.
2.) Ingraham is evil.
3.) Ingraham is really, really hot.

It never ceases to amaze me that Colbert is not only better at his job but is actually better at her job, too.

That was bloody spectacular.

What I hate about The Obama Diaries isn’t that they’re anti-Obama but the fact they’re not funny, just mean spirited. And his calling the ribs thing a racist stereotype was probably the one time she’ll get called on her shit.

Not to hijack, but what is it with right wingers and humor? Most don’t seem to grasp the concept even.

Wow. I was channel surfing earlier today and I went past the rerun of this episode at the PRECISE MOMENT that this clip begins and when I realized it was Laura Ingraham on, I shuddered and changed the channel.

I should have known Colbert would have done something like this. Wow. That was harsh (but hilarious).

Oh, they grasp it fine - if you load the full clip of the segment at, Ingraham was fairly engaging and witty before Colbert tore into her. I’ve no doubt that, if she wished, Ingraham could have been far funnier than what she actually put into the book.

But she’s got a good sense of her audience. They don’t want real humor. They want validation of their own wretched, racist impulses. That’s what sells. So it’s what Ingraham and her ilk give them.

Good grief, she’s despicable.
Mutter mutter mutter my bunk.

Very funny and unusually sharp interview. He doesn’t usually attack his guests that much, but he saved it for a good one.

I’m not seeing it. She’s got that bony Ann Coulter thing going on. “Ichabod Crane’s banshee wife” is a pretty apt description. And incidentally I loved her trying to call him a racist for calling her a banshee and then saying something about Native Americans. Banshees are from Irish myths. I don’t know her background but I know Colbert is primarily Irish.

I’ve got a thing for evil blondes - I blame too much exposure to film noir at an early age. I’m not claiming its sensible, or even healthy. :smiley:

And yah, the banshee thing was just strange - even I’d known that was an Irish myth.

The great thing about Colbert is that not only does he know banshees are Irish but he knows what they are (the harbingers of death etc.). I doubt any Fox News folk would be able to pull that one out of the air so impromptu.

Watched the whole thing. NO WAY that there isn’t some pre-arranged scripting to the whole interview.

Now, this is from me, a guy who is on the far left of Liberal.

So, what kind of pre-show is involved?

I think this lady got confused about what is a banshee and what is a harpy. It’s kind of like how many conservatives get confused about lots of subtle (or even glaring) distinctions.

I don’t know if this is the whole of the pre-show or is even representative of standard pre-shows, but here’s a clip of Colbert talking to John Kerry backstage from several years ago (dunno if it was before or after the election). It looks like Colbert tries to keep the actual interview improvised, but he has ideas about where he wants it to go and lets the guest know what to expect.

I knew her (or at least knew people who knew her) at Dartmouth and she was an evil banshee back then. I wish I had known Colbert, I bet he was a hoot.

I thought harpies were from Greek mythology.

Shredded underwear. Fucking awesome.

It was actually **last **night’s *Colbert Report *(rerun today), and yes, it was hilarious! I liked how when Colbert starts to read the part about Michelle Obama eating ribs, Ingraham starts to giggle at her own “humor” and then Colbert immediatly slams her for hackneyed racial stereotyping.

Like some of you, I immediately went “Huh?” when she started in with the banshee/Native American counterattack. I wish he would have corrected her on that. I also wish he had given Ingraham more of a chance to speak, because I’m pretty sure she would have made herself look even worse.

He didn’t actually go to Dartmouth. His character did.

Harpies are Greek.

She’s only hot from the neck down.

And I saw the clip this morning. I was aghast at how easily Colbert attacked her. She didn’t even put up a fight. I got the impression that she knows that what she’s doing is stupid, and doesn’t care as long as it gets her money.

Colbert’s character is really, really easy to attack, if you’re going to go that route. And she picks the word banshee? Why not just call him a fake Conservative? His character would have to defend that.

The Colbert Report didn’t go on the air until October 2005, so it’s after Kerry ran for president. He does talk to his guests before they come on. Usually he’s telling them that his character is just a character because he doesn’t want to ambush them.